Unicode Input

The following table lists Unicode characters that can be entered via tab completion of LaTeX-like abbreviations in the Julia REPL (and in various other editing environments). You can also get information on how to type a symbol by entering it in the REPL help, i.e. by typing ? and then entering the symbol in the REPL (e.g., by copy-paste from somewhere you saw the symbol).


This table may appear to contain missing characters in the second column, or even show characters that are inconsistent with the characters as they are rendered in the Julia REPL. In these cases, users are strongly advised to check their choice of fonts in their browser and REPL environment, as there are known issues with glyphs in many fonts.

Code point(s)Character(s)Tab completion sequence(s)Unicode name(s)
U+000A1¡\exclamdownInverted Exclamation Mark
U+000A3£\sterlingPound Sign
U+000A5¥\yenYen Sign
U+000A6¦\brokenbarBroken Bar / Broken Vertical Bar
U+000A7§\SSection Sign
U+000A9©\copyright, \:copyright:Copyright Sign
U+000AAª\ordfeminineFeminine Ordinal Indicator
U+000AC¬\negNot Sign
U+000AE®\circledR, \:registered:Registered Sign / Registered Trade Mark Sign
U+000AF¯\highminusMacron / Spacing Macron
U+000B0°\degreeDegree Sign
U+000B1±\pmPlus-Minus Sign / Plus-Or-Minus Sign
U+000B2²\^2Superscript Two / Superscript Digit Two
U+000B3³\^3Superscript Three / Superscript Digit Three
U+000B6\PPilcrow Sign / Paragraph Sign
U+000B7·\cdotpMiddle Dot
U+000B9¹\^1Superscript One / Superscript Digit One
U+000BAº\ordmasculineMasculine Ordinal Indicator
U+000BC¼\1/4Vulgar Fraction One Quarter / Fraction One Quarter
U+000BD½\1/2Vulgar Fraction One Half / Fraction One Half
U+000BE¾\3/4Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters / Fraction Three Quarters
U+000BF¿\questiondownInverted Question Mark
U+000C5Å\AALatin Capital Letter A With Ring Above / Latin Capital Letter A Ring
U+000C6Æ\AELatin Capital Letter Ae / Latin Capital Letter A E
U+000D0Ð\DHLatin Capital Letter Eth
U+000D7×\timesMultiplication Sign
U+000D8Ø\OLatin Capital Letter O With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter O Slash
U+000DEÞ\THLatin Capital Letter Thorn
U+000DFß\ssLatin Small Letter Sharp S
U+000E5å\aaLatin Small Letter A With Ring Above / Latin Small Letter A Ring
U+000E6æ\aeLatin Small Letter Ae / Latin Small Letter A E
U+000F0ð\eth, \dhLatin Small Letter Eth
U+000F7÷\divDivision Sign
U+000F8ø\oLatin Small Letter O With Stroke / Latin Small Letter O Slash
U+000FEþ\thLatin Small Letter Thorn
U+00110Đ\DJLatin Capital Letter D With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter D Bar
U+00111đ\djLatin Small Letter D With Stroke / Latin Small Letter D Bar
U+00127ħ\hbarLatin Small Letter H With Stroke / Latin Small Letter H Bar
U+00131ı\imathLatin Small Letter Dotless I
U+00141Ł\LLatin Capital Letter L With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter L Slash
U+00142ł\lLatin Small Letter L With Stroke / Latin Small Letter L Slash
U+0014AŊ\NGLatin Capital Letter Eng
U+0014Bŋ\ngLatin Small Letter Eng
U+00152Œ\OELatin Capital Ligature Oe / Latin Capital Letter O E
U+00153œ\oeLatin Small Ligature Oe / Latin Small Letter O E
U+00195ƕ\hvligLatin Small Letter Hv / Latin Small Letter H V
U+0019Eƞ\nrlegLatin Small Letter N With Long Right Leg
U+001B5Ƶ\ZbarLatin Capital Letter Z With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter Z Bar
U+001C2ǂ\doublepipeLatin Letter Alveolar Click / Latin Letter Pipe Double Bar
U+00237ȷ\jmathLatin Small Letter Dotless J
U+00250ɐ\trnaLatin Small Letter Turned A
U+00252ɒ\trnsaLatin Small Letter Turned Alpha / Latin Small Letter Turned Script A
U+00254ɔ\openoLatin Small Letter Open O
U+00256ɖ\rtldLatin Small Letter D With Tail / Latin Small Letter D Retroflex Hook
U+00259ə\schwaLatin Small Letter Schwa
U+00263ɣ\pgammaLatin Small Letter Gamma
U+00264ɤ\pbgamLatin Small Letter Rams Horn / Latin Small Letter Baby Gamma
U+00265ɥ\trnhLatin Small Letter Turned H
U+0026Cɬ\btdlLatin Small Letter L With Belt / Latin Small Letter L Belt
U+0026Dɭ\rtllLatin Small Letter L With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter L Retroflex Hook
U+0026Fɯ\trnmLatin Small Letter Turned M
U+00270ɰ\trnmlrLatin Small Letter Turned M With Long Leg
U+00271ɱ\ltlmrLatin Small Letter M With Hook / Latin Small Letter M Hook
U+00272ɲ\ltlnLatin Small Letter N With Left Hook / Latin Small Letter N Hook
U+00273ɳ\rtlnLatin Small Letter N With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter N Retroflex Hook
U+00277ɷ\clomegLatin Small Letter Closed Omega
U+00278ɸ\ltphiLatin Small Letter Phi
U+00279ɹ\trnrLatin Small Letter Turned R
U+0027Aɺ\trnrlLatin Small Letter Turned R With Long Leg
U+0027Bɻ\rttrnrLatin Small Letter Turned R With Hook / Latin Small Letter Turned R Hook
U+0027Cɼ\rlLatin Small Letter R With Long Leg
U+0027Dɽ\rtlrLatin Small Letter R With Tail / Latin Small Letter R Hook
U+0027Eɾ\fhrLatin Small Letter R With Fishhook / Latin Small Letter Fishhook R
U+00282ʂ\rtlsLatin Small Letter S With Hook / Latin Small Letter S Hook
U+00283ʃ\eshLatin Small Letter Esh
U+00287ʇ\trntLatin Small Letter Turned T
U+00288ʈ\rtltLatin Small Letter T With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter T Retroflex Hook
U+0028Aʊ\pupsilLatin Small Letter Upsilon
U+0028Bʋ\pscrvLatin Small Letter V With Hook / Latin Small Letter Script V
U+0028Cʌ\invvLatin Small Letter Turned V
U+0028Dʍ\invwLatin Small Letter Turned W
U+0028Eʎ\trnyLatin Small Letter Turned Y
U+00290ʐ\rtlzLatin Small Letter Z With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter Z Retroflex Hook
U+00292ʒ\yoghLatin Small Letter Ezh / Latin Small Letter Yogh
U+00294ʔ\glstLatin Letter Glottal Stop
U+00295ʕ\reglstLatin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricative / Latin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop
U+00296ʖ\inglstLatin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop
U+0029Eʞ\turnkLatin Small Letter Turned K
U+002A4ʤ\dyoghLatin Small Letter Dezh Digraph / Latin Small Letter D Yogh
U+002A7ʧ\teshLatin Small Letter Tesh Digraph / Latin Small Letter T Esh
U+002B0ʰ\^hModifier Letter Small H
U+002B2ʲ\^jModifier Letter Small J
U+002B3ʳ\^rModifier Letter Small R
U+002B7ʷ\^wModifier Letter Small W
U+002B8ʸ\^yModifier Letter Small Y
U+002BCʼ\raspModifier Letter Apostrophe
U+002C8ˈ\vertsModifier Letter Vertical Line
U+002CCˌ\vertiModifier Letter Low Vertical Line
U+002D0ː\lmrkModifier Letter Triangular Colon
U+002D1ˑ\hlmrkModifier Letter Half Triangular Colon
U+002D2˒\sbrhrModifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring / Modifier Letter Centered Right Half Ring
U+002D3˓\sblhrModifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring / Modifier Letter Centered Left Half Ring
U+002D4˔\raisModifier Letter Up Tack
U+002D5˕\lowModifier Letter Down Tack
U+002D8˘\uBreve / Spacing Breve
U+002DC˜\tildelowSmall Tilde / Spacing Tilde
U+002E1ˡ\^lModifier Letter Small L
U+002E2ˢ\^sModifier Letter Small S
U+002E3ˣ\^xModifier Letter Small X
U+00300 ̀ \graveCombining Grave Accent / Non-Spacing Grave
U+00301 ́ \acuteCombining Acute Accent / Non-Spacing Acute
U+00302 ̂ \hatCombining Circumflex Accent / Non-Spacing Circumflex
U+00303 ̃ \tildeCombining Tilde / Non-Spacing Tilde
U+00304 ̄ \barCombining Macron / Non-Spacing Macron
U+00305 ̅ \overbarCombining Overline / Non-Spacing Overscore
U+00306 ̆ \breveCombining Breve / Non-Spacing Breve
U+00307 ̇ \dotCombining Dot Above / Non-Spacing Dot Above
U+00308 ̈ \ddotCombining Diaeresis / Non-Spacing Diaeresis
U+00309 ̉ \ovhookCombining Hook Above / Non-Spacing Hook Above
U+0030A ̊ \ocircCombining Ring Above / Non-Spacing Ring Above
U+0030B ̋ \HCombining Double Acute Accent / Non-Spacing Double Acute
U+0030C ̌ \checkCombining Caron / Non-Spacing Hacek
U+00310 ̐ \candraCombining Candrabindu / Non-Spacing Candrabindu
U+00312 ̒ \oturnedcommaCombining Turned Comma Above / Non-Spacing Turned Comma Above
U+00315 ̕ \ocommatoprightCombining Comma Above Right / Non-Spacing Comma Above Right
U+0031A ̚ \droangCombining Left Angle Above / Non-Spacing Left Angle Above
U+00321 ̡ \palhCombining Palatalized Hook Below / Non-Spacing Palatalized Hook Below
U+00322 ̢ \rhCombining Retroflex Hook Below / Non-Spacing Retroflex Hook Below
U+00327 ̧ \cCombining Cedilla / Non-Spacing Cedilla
U+00328 ̨ \kCombining Ogonek / Non-Spacing Ogonek
U+0032A ̪ \sbbrgCombining Bridge Below / Non-Spacing Bridge Below
U+00330 ̰ \wideutildeCombining Tilde Below / Non-Spacing Tilde Below
U+00332 ̲ \underbarCombining Low Line / Non-Spacing Underscore
U+00336 ̶ \strike, \soutCombining Long Stroke Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Bar Overlay
U+00338 ̸ \notCombining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0034D ͍ \underleftrightarrowCombining Left Right Arrow Below
U+00391Α\AlphaGreek Capital Letter Alpha
U+00392Β\BetaGreek Capital Letter Beta
U+00393Γ\GammaGreek Capital Letter Gamma
U+00394Δ\DeltaGreek Capital Letter Delta
U+00395Ε\EpsilonGreek Capital Letter Epsilon
U+00396Ζ\ZetaGreek Capital Letter Zeta
U+00397Η\EtaGreek Capital Letter Eta
U+00398Θ\ThetaGreek Capital Letter Theta
U+00399Ι\IotaGreek Capital Letter Iota
U+0039AΚ\KappaGreek Capital Letter Kappa
U+0039BΛ\LambdaGreek Capital Letter Lamda / Greek Capital Letter Lambda
U+0039CΜ\upMuGreek Capital Letter Mu
U+0039DΝ\upNuGreek Capital Letter Nu
U+0039EΞ\XiGreek Capital Letter Xi
U+0039FΟ\upOmicronGreek Capital Letter Omicron
U+003A0Π\PiGreek Capital Letter Pi
U+003A1Ρ\RhoGreek Capital Letter Rho
U+003A3Σ\SigmaGreek Capital Letter Sigma
U+003A4Τ\TauGreek Capital Letter Tau
U+003A5Υ\UpsilonGreek Capital Letter Upsilon
U+003A6Φ\PhiGreek Capital Letter Phi
U+003A7Χ\ChiGreek Capital Letter Chi
U+003A8Ψ\PsiGreek Capital Letter Psi
U+003A9Ω\OmegaGreek Capital Letter Omega
U+003B1α\alphaGreek Small Letter Alpha
U+003B2β\betaGreek Small Letter Beta
U+003B3γ\gammaGreek Small Letter Gamma
U+003B4δ\deltaGreek Small Letter Delta
U+003B5ε\upepsilon, \varepsilonGreek Small Letter Epsilon
U+003B6ζ\zetaGreek Small Letter Zeta
U+003B7η\etaGreek Small Letter Eta
U+003B8θ\thetaGreek Small Letter Theta
U+003B9ι\iotaGreek Small Letter Iota
U+003BAκ\kappaGreek Small Letter Kappa
U+003BBλ\lambdaGreek Small Letter Lamda / Greek Small Letter Lambda
U+003BCμ\muGreek Small Letter Mu
U+003BDν\nuGreek Small Letter Nu
U+003BEξ\xiGreek Small Letter Xi
U+003BFο\upomicronGreek Small Letter Omicron
U+003C0π\piGreek Small Letter Pi
U+003C1ρ\rhoGreek Small Letter Rho
U+003C2ς\varsigmaGreek Small Letter Final Sigma
U+003C3σ\sigmaGreek Small Letter Sigma
U+003C4τ\tauGreek Small Letter Tau
U+003C5υ\upsilonGreek Small Letter Upsilon
U+003C6φ\varphiGreek Small Letter Phi
U+003C7χ\chiGreek Small Letter Chi
U+003C8ψ\psiGreek Small Letter Psi
U+003C9ω\omegaGreek Small Letter Omega
U+003D0ϐ\upvarbetaGreek Beta Symbol / Greek Small Letter Curled Beta
U+003D1ϑ\varthetaGreek Theta Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Theta
U+003D5ϕ\phiGreek Phi Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Phi
U+003D6ϖ\varpiGreek Pi Symbol / Greek Small Letter Omega Pi
U+003D8Ϙ\upoldKoppaGreek Letter Archaic Koppa
U+003D9ϙ\upoldkoppaGreek Small Letter Archaic Koppa
U+003DAϚ\StigmaGreek Letter Stigma / Greek Capital Letter Stigma
U+003DBϛ\upstigmaGreek Small Letter Stigma
U+003DCϜ\DigammaGreek Letter Digamma / Greek Capital Letter Digamma
U+003DDϝ\digammaGreek Small Letter Digamma
U+003DEϞ\KoppaGreek Letter Koppa / Greek Capital Letter Koppa
U+003DFϟ\upkoppaGreek Small Letter Koppa
U+003E0Ϡ\SampiGreek Letter Sampi / Greek Capital Letter Sampi
U+003E1ϡ\upsampiGreek Small Letter Sampi
U+003F0ϰ\varkappaGreek Kappa Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Kappa
U+003F1ϱ\varrhoGreek Rho Symbol / Greek Small Letter Tailed Rho
U+003F4ϴ\varThetaGreek Capital Theta Symbol
U+003F5ϵ\epsilonGreek Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+003F6϶\backepsilonGreek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+01D2C\^AModifier Letter Capital A
U+01D2E\^BModifier Letter Capital B
U+01D30\^DModifier Letter Capital D
U+01D31\^EModifier Letter Capital E
U+01D33\^GModifier Letter Capital G
U+01D34\^HModifier Letter Capital H
U+01D35\^IModifier Letter Capital I
U+01D36\^JModifier Letter Capital J
U+01D37\^KModifier Letter Capital K
U+01D38\^LModifier Letter Capital L
U+01D39\^MModifier Letter Capital M
U+01D3A\^NModifier Letter Capital N
U+01D3C\^OModifier Letter Capital O
U+01D3E\^PModifier Letter Capital P
U+01D3Fᴿ\^RModifier Letter Capital R
U+01D40\^TModifier Letter Capital T
U+01D41\^UModifier Letter Capital U
U+01D42\^WModifier Letter Capital W
U+01D43\^aModifier Letter Small A
U+01D45\^alphaModifier Letter Small Alpha
U+01D47\^bModifier Letter Small B
U+01D48\^dModifier Letter Small D
U+01D49\^eModifier Letter Small E
U+01D4B\^epsilonModifier Letter Small Open E
U+01D4D\^gModifier Letter Small G
U+01D4F\^kModifier Letter Small K
U+01D50\^mModifier Letter Small M
U+01D52\^oModifier Letter Small O
U+01D56\^pModifier Letter Small P
U+01D57\^tModifier Letter Small T
U+01D58\^uModifier Letter Small U
U+01D5B\^vModifier Letter Small V
U+01D5D\^betaModifier Letter Small Beta
U+01D5E\^gammaModifier Letter Small Greek Gamma
U+01D5F\^deltaModifier Letter Small Delta
U+01D60\^phiModifier Letter Small Greek Phi
U+01D61\^chiModifier Letter Small Chi
U+01D62\_iLatin Subscript Small Letter I
U+01D63\_rLatin Subscript Small Letter R
U+01D64\_uLatin Subscript Small Letter U
U+01D65\_vLatin Subscript Small Letter V
U+01D66\_betaGreek Subscript Small Letter Beta
U+01D67\_gammaGreek Subscript Small Letter Gamma
U+01D68\_rhoGreek Subscript Small Letter Rho
U+01D69\_phiGreek Subscript Small Letter Phi
U+01D6A\_chiGreek Subscript Small Letter Chi
U+01D9C\^cModifier Letter Small C
U+01DA0\^fModifier Letter Small F
U+01DA5\^iotaModifier Letter Small Iota
U+01DB2\^ltphiModifier Letter Small Phi
U+01DBB\^zModifier Letter Small Z
U+01DBFᶿ\^thetaModifier Letter Small Theta
U+02002\enspaceEn Space
U+02003\quadEm Space
U+02005\thickspaceFour-Per-Em Space
U+02009\thinspaceThin Space
U+0200A\hspaceHair Space
U+02013\endashEn Dash
U+02014\emdashEm Dash
U+02016\VertDouble Vertical Line / Double Vertical Bar
U+02018\lqLeft Single Quotation Mark / Single Turned Comma Quotation Mark
U+02019\rqRight Single Quotation Mark / Single Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201B\reaposSingle High-Reversed-9 Quotation Mark / Single Reversed Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201C\ldqLeft Double Quotation Mark / Double Turned Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201D\rdqRight Double Quotation Mark / Double Comma Quotation Mark
U+02021\ddaggerDouble Dagger
U+02026\dots, \ldotsHorizontal Ellipsis
U+02030\perthousandPer Mille Sign
U+02031\pertenthousandPer Ten Thousand Sign
U+02033\pprimeDouble Prime
U+02034\ppprimeTriple Prime
U+02035\backprimeReversed Prime
U+02036\backpprimeReversed Double Prime
U+02037\backppprimeReversed Triple Prime
U+02039\guilsinglleftSingle Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark / Left Pointing Single Guillemet
U+0203A\guilsinglrightSingle Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark / Right Pointing Single Guillemet
U+0203C\:bangbang:Double Exclamation Mark
U+02040\tieconcatCharacter Tie
U+02049\:interrobang:Exclamation Question Mark
U+02057\pppprimeQuadruple Prime
U+02060\nolinebreakWord Joiner
U+02070\^0Superscript Zero / Superscript Digit Zero
U+02071\^iSuperscript Latin Small Letter I
U+02074\^4Superscript Four / Superscript Digit Four
U+02075\^5Superscript Five / Superscript Digit Five
U+02076\^6Superscript Six / Superscript Digit Six
U+02077\^7Superscript Seven / Superscript Digit Seven
U+02078\^8Superscript Eight / Superscript Digit Eight
U+02079\^9Superscript Nine / Superscript Digit Nine
U+0207A\^+Superscript Plus Sign
U+0207B\^-Superscript Minus / Superscript Hyphen-Minus
U+0207C\^=Superscript Equals Sign
U+0207D\^(Superscript Left Parenthesis / Superscript Opening Parenthesis
U+0207E\^)Superscript Right Parenthesis / Superscript Closing Parenthesis
U+0207F\^nSuperscript Latin Small Letter N
U+02080\_0Subscript Zero / Subscript Digit Zero
U+02081\_1Subscript One / Subscript Digit One
U+02082\_2Subscript Two / Subscript Digit Two
U+02083\_3Subscript Three / Subscript Digit Three
U+02084\_4Subscript Four / Subscript Digit Four
U+02085\_5Subscript Five / Subscript Digit Five
U+02086\_6Subscript Six / Subscript Digit Six
U+02087\_7Subscript Seven / Subscript Digit Seven
U+02088\_8Subscript Eight / Subscript Digit Eight
U+02089\_9Subscript Nine / Subscript Digit Nine
U+0208A\_+Subscript Plus Sign
U+0208B\_-Subscript Minus / Subscript Hyphen-Minus
U+0208C\_=Subscript Equals Sign
U+0208D\_(Subscript Left Parenthesis / Subscript Opening Parenthesis
U+0208E\_)Subscript Right Parenthesis / Subscript Closing Parenthesis
U+02090\_aLatin Subscript Small Letter A
U+02091\_eLatin Subscript Small Letter E
U+02092\_oLatin Subscript Small Letter O
U+02093\_xLatin Subscript Small Letter X
U+02094\_schwaLatin Subscript Small Letter Schwa
U+02095\_hLatin Subscript Small Letter H
U+02096\_kLatin Subscript Small Letter K
U+02097\_lLatin Subscript Small Letter L
U+02098\_mLatin Subscript Small Letter M
U+02099\_nLatin Subscript Small Letter N
U+0209A\_pLatin Subscript Small Letter P
U+0209B\_sLatin Subscript Small Letter S
U+0209C\_tLatin Subscript Small Letter T
U+020A7\pesPeseta Sign
U+020AC\euroEuro Sign
U+020D0 ⃐ \leftharpoonaccentCombining Left Harpoon Above / Non-Spacing Left Harpoon Above
U+020D1 ⃑ \rightharpoonaccentCombining Right Harpoon Above / Non-Spacing Right Harpoon Above
U+020D2 ⃒ \vertoverlayCombining Long Vertical Line Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Vertical Bar Overlay
U+020D6 ⃖ \overleftarrowCombining Left Arrow Above / Non-Spacing Left Arrow Above
U+020D7 ⃗ \vecCombining Right Arrow Above / Non-Spacing Right Arrow Above
U+020DB ⃛ \dddotCombining Three Dots Above / Non-Spacing Three Dots Above
U+020DC ⃜ \ddddotCombining Four Dots Above / Non-Spacing Four Dots Above
U+020DD ⃝ \enclosecircleCombining Enclosing Circle / Enclosing Circle
U+020DE ⃞ \enclosesquareCombining Enclosing Square / Enclosing Square
U+020DF ⃟ \enclosediamondCombining Enclosing Diamond / Enclosing Diamond
U+020E1 ⃡ \overleftrightarrowCombining Left Right Arrow Above / Non-Spacing Left Right Arrow Above
U+020E4 ⃤ \enclosetriangleCombining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle
U+020E7 ⃧ \annuityCombining Annuity Symbol
U+020E8 ⃨ \threeunderdotCombining Triple Underdot
U+020E9 ⃩ \widebridgeaboveCombining Wide Bridge Above
U+020EC ⃬ \underrightharpoondownCombining Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+020ED ⃭ \underleftharpoondownCombining Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+020EE ⃮ \underleftarrowCombining Left Arrow Below
U+020EF ⃯ \underrightarrowCombining Right Arrow Below
U+020F0 ⃰ \asteraccentCombining Asterisk Above
U+02102\bbCDouble-Struck Capital C / Double-Struck C
U+02107\eulermascheroniEuler Constant / Eulers
U+0210A\scrgScript Small G
U+0210B\scrHScript Capital H / Script H
U+0210C\frakHBlack-Letter Capital H / Black-Letter H
U+0210D\bbHDouble-Struck Capital H / Double-Struck H
U+0210E\ith, \planckPlanck Constant
U+0210F\hslashPlanck Constant Over Two Pi / Planck Constant Over 2 Pi
U+02110\scrIScript Capital I / Script I
U+02111\Im, \frakIBlack-Letter Capital I / Black-Letter I
U+02112\scrLScript Capital L / Script L
U+02113\ellScript Small L
U+02115\bbNDouble-Struck Capital N / Double-Struck N
U+02116\numeroNumero Sign / Numero
U+02118\wpScript Capital P / Script P
U+02119\bbPDouble-Struck Capital P / Double-Struck P
U+0211A\bbQDouble-Struck Capital Q / Double-Struck Q
U+0211B\scrRScript Capital R / Script R
U+0211C\Re, \frakRBlack-Letter Capital R / Black-Letter R
U+0211D\bbRDouble-Struck Capital R / Double-Struck R
U+0211E\xratPrescription Take
U+02122\trademark, \:tm:Trade Mark Sign / Trademark
U+02124\bbZDouble-Struck Capital Z / Double-Struck Z
U+02126\ohmOhm Sign / Ohm
U+02127\mhoInverted Ohm Sign / Mho
U+02128\frakZBlack-Letter Capital Z / Black-Letter Z
U+02129\turnediotaTurned Greek Small Letter Iota
U+0212B\AngstromAngstrom Sign / Angstrom Unit
U+0212C\scrBScript Capital B / Script B
U+0212D\frakCBlack-Letter Capital C / Black-Letter C
U+0212F\scre, \eulerScript Small E
U+02130\scrEScript Capital E / Script E
U+02131\scrFScript Capital F / Script F
U+02132\FinvTurned Capital F / Turned F
U+02133\scrMScript Capital M / Script M
U+02134\scroScript Small O
U+02135\alephAlef Symbol / First Transfinite Cardinal
U+02136\bethBet Symbol / Second Transfinite Cardinal
U+02137\gimelGimel Symbol / Third Transfinite Cardinal
U+02138\dalethDalet Symbol / Fourth Transfinite Cardinal
U+02139\:information_source:Information Source
U+0213C\bbpiDouble-Struck Small Pi
U+0213D\bbgammaDouble-Struck Small Gamma
U+0213E\bbGammaDouble-Struck Capital Gamma
U+0213F\bbPiDouble-Struck Capital Pi
U+02140\bbsumDouble-Struck N-Ary Summation
U+02141\GameTurned Sans-Serif Capital G
U+02142\sansLturnedTurned Sans-Serif Capital L
U+02143\sansLmirroredReversed Sans-Serif Capital L
U+02144\YupTurned Sans-Serif Capital Y
U+02145\bbiDDouble-Struck Italic Capital D
U+02146\bbidDouble-Struck Italic Small D
U+02147\bbieDouble-Struck Italic Small E
U+02148\bbiiDouble-Struck Italic Small I
U+02149\bbijDouble-Struck Italic Small J
U+0214A\PropertyLineProperty Line
U+0214B\upandTurned Ampersand
U+02150\1/7Vulgar Fraction One Seventh
U+02151\1/9Vulgar Fraction One Ninth
U+02152\1/10Vulgar Fraction One Tenth
U+02153\1/3Vulgar Fraction One Third / Fraction One Third
U+02154\2/3Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds / Fraction Two Thirds
U+02155\1/5Vulgar Fraction One Fifth / Fraction One Fifth
U+02156\2/5Vulgar Fraction Two Fifths / Fraction Two Fifths
U+02157\3/5Vulgar Fraction Three Fifths / Fraction Three Fifths
U+02158\4/5Vulgar Fraction Four Fifths / Fraction Four Fifths
U+02159\1/6Vulgar Fraction One Sixth / Fraction One Sixth
U+0215A\5/6Vulgar Fraction Five Sixths / Fraction Five Sixths
U+0215B\1/8Vulgar Fraction One Eighth / Fraction One Eighth
U+0215C\3/8Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths / Fraction Three Eighths
U+0215D\5/8Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths / Fraction Five Eighths
U+0215E\7/8Vulgar Fraction Seven Eighths / Fraction Seven Eighths
U+0215F\1/Fraction Numerator One
U+02189\0/3Vulgar Fraction Zero Thirds
U+02190\leftarrowLeftwards Arrow / Left Arrow
U+02191\uparrowUpwards Arrow / Up Arrow
U+02192\to, \rightarrowRightwards Arrow / Right Arrow
U+02193\downarrowDownwards Arrow / Down Arrow
U+02194\leftrightarrow, \:left_right_arrow:Left Right Arrow
U+02195\updownarrow, \:arrow_up_down:Up Down Arrow
U+02196\nwarrow, \:arrow_upper_left:North West Arrow / Upper Left Arrow
U+02197\nearrow, \:arrow_upper_right:North East Arrow / Upper Right Arrow
U+02198\searrow, \:arrow_lower_right:South East Arrow / Lower Right Arrow
U+02199\swarrow, \:arrow_lower_left:South West Arrow / Lower Left Arrow
U+0219A\nleftarrowLeftwards Arrow With Stroke / Left Arrow With Stroke
U+0219B\nrightarrowRightwards Arrow With Stroke / Right Arrow With Stroke
U+0219C\leftwavearrowLeftwards Wave Arrow / Left Wave Arrow
U+0219D\rightwavearrowRightwards Wave Arrow / Right Wave Arrow
U+0219E\twoheadleftarrowLeftwards Two Headed Arrow / Left Two Headed Arrow
U+0219F\twoheaduparrowUpwards Two Headed Arrow / Up Two Headed Arrow
U+021A0\twoheadrightarrowRightwards Two Headed Arrow / Right Two Headed Arrow
U+021A1\twoheaddownarrowDownwards Two Headed Arrow / Down Two Headed Arrow
U+021A2\leftarrowtailLeftwards Arrow With Tail / Left Arrow With Tail
U+021A3\rightarrowtailRightwards Arrow With Tail / Right Arrow With Tail
U+021A4\mapsfromLeftwards Arrow From Bar / Left Arrow From Bar
U+021A5\mapsupUpwards Arrow From Bar / Up Arrow From Bar
U+021A6\mapstoRightwards Arrow From Bar / Right Arrow From Bar
U+021A7\mapsdownDownwards Arrow From Bar / Down Arrow From Bar
U+021A8\updownarrowbarUp Down Arrow With Base
U+021A9\hookleftarrow, \:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:Leftwards Arrow With Hook / Left Arrow With Hook
U+021AA\hookrightarrow, \:arrow_right_hook:Rightwards Arrow With Hook / Right Arrow With Hook
U+021AB\looparrowleftLeftwards Arrow With Loop / Left Arrow With Loop
U+021AC\looparrowrightRightwards Arrow With Loop / Right Arrow With Loop
U+021AD\leftrightsquigarrowLeft Right Wave Arrow
U+021AE\nleftrightarrowLeft Right Arrow With Stroke
U+021AF\downzigzagarrowDownwards Zigzag Arrow / Down Zigzag Arrow
U+021B0\LshUpwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards / Up Arrow With Tip Left
U+021B1\RshUpwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards / Up Arrow With Tip Right
U+021B2\LdshDownwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards / Down Arrow With Tip Left
U+021B3\RdshDownwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards / Down Arrow With Tip Right
U+021B4\linefeedRightwards Arrow With Corner Downwards / Right Arrow With Corner Down
U+021B5\carriagereturnDownwards Arrow With Corner Leftwards / Down Arrow With Corner Left
U+021B6\curvearrowleftAnticlockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
U+021B7\curvearrowrightClockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
U+021B8\barovernorthwestarrowNorth West Arrow To Long Bar / Upper Left Arrow To Long Bar
U+021B9\barleftarrowrightarrowbarLeftwards Arrow To Bar Over Rightwards Arrow To Bar / Left Arrow To Bar Over Right Arrow To Bar
U+021BA\circlearrowleftAnticlockwise Open Circle Arrow
U+021BB\circlearrowrightClockwise Open Circle Arrow
U+021BC\leftharpoonupLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards / Left Harpoon With Barb Up
U+021BD\leftharpoondownLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards / Left Harpoon With Barb Down
U+021BE\upharpoonrightUpwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards / Up Harpoon With Barb Right
U+021BF\upharpoonleftUpwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards / Up Harpoon With Barb Left
U+021C0\rightharpoonupRightwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards / Right Harpoon With Barb Up
U+021C1\rightharpoondownRightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards / Right Harpoon With Barb Down
U+021C2\downharpoonrightDownwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards / Down Harpoon With Barb Right
U+021C3\downharpoonleftDownwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards / Down Harpoon With Barb Left
U+021C4\rightleftarrowsRightwards Arrow Over Leftwards Arrow / Right Arrow Over Left Arrow
U+021C5\dblarrowupdownUpwards Arrow Leftwards Of Downwards Arrow / Up Arrow Left Of Down Arrow
U+021C6\leftrightarrowsLeftwards Arrow Over Rightwards Arrow / Left Arrow Over Right Arrow
U+021C7\leftleftarrowsLeftwards Paired Arrows / Left Paired Arrows
U+021C8\upuparrowsUpwards Paired Arrows / Up Paired Arrows
U+021C9\rightrightarrowsRightwards Paired Arrows / Right Paired Arrows
U+021CA\downdownarrowsDownwards Paired Arrows / Down Paired Arrows
U+021CB\leftrightharpoonsLeftwards Harpoon Over Rightwards Harpoon / Left Harpoon Over Right Harpoon
U+021CC\rightleftharpoonsRightwards Harpoon Over Leftwards Harpoon / Right Harpoon Over Left Harpoon
U+021CD\nLeftarrowLeftwards Double Arrow With Stroke / Left Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021CE\nLeftrightarrowLeft Right Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021CF\nRightarrowRightwards Double Arrow With Stroke / Right Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021D0\LeftarrowLeftwards Double Arrow / Left Double Arrow
U+021D1\UparrowUpwards Double Arrow / Up Double Arrow
U+021D2\RightarrowRightwards Double Arrow / Right Double Arrow
U+021D3\DownarrowDownwards Double Arrow / Down Double Arrow
U+021D4\LeftrightarrowLeft Right Double Arrow
U+021D5\UpdownarrowUp Down Double Arrow
U+021D6\NwarrowNorth West Double Arrow / Upper Left Double Arrow
U+021D7\NearrowNorth East Double Arrow / Upper Right Double Arrow
U+021D8\SearrowSouth East Double Arrow / Lower Right Double Arrow
U+021D9\SwarrowSouth West Double Arrow / Lower Left Double Arrow
U+021DA\LleftarrowLeftwards Triple Arrow / Left Triple Arrow
U+021DB\RrightarrowRightwards Triple Arrow / Right Triple Arrow
U+021DC\leftsquigarrowLeftwards Squiggle Arrow / Left Squiggle Arrow
U+021DD\rightsquigarrowRightwards Squiggle Arrow / Right Squiggle Arrow
U+021DE\nHuparrowUpwards Arrow With Double Stroke / Up Arrow With Double Stroke
U+021DF\nHdownarrowDownwards Arrow With Double Stroke / Down Arrow With Double Stroke
U+021E0\leftdasharrowLeftwards Dashed Arrow / Left Dashed Arrow
U+021E1\updasharrowUpwards Dashed Arrow / Up Dashed Arrow
U+021E2\rightdasharrowRightwards Dashed Arrow / Right Dashed Arrow
U+021E3\downdasharrowDownwards Dashed Arrow / Down Dashed Arrow
U+021E4\barleftarrowLeftwards Arrow To Bar / Left Arrow To Bar
U+021E5\rightarrowbarRightwards Arrow To Bar / Right Arrow To Bar
U+021E6\leftwhitearrowLeftwards White Arrow / White Left Arrow
U+021E7\upwhitearrowUpwards White Arrow / White Up Arrow
U+021E8\rightwhitearrowRightwards White Arrow / White Right Arrow
U+021E9\downwhitearrowDownwards White Arrow / White Down Arrow
U+021EA\whitearrowupfrombarUpwards White Arrow From Bar / White Up Arrow From Bar
U+021F4\circleonrightarrowRight Arrow With Small Circle
U+021F5\DownArrowUpArrowDownwards Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Arrow
U+021F6\rightthreearrowsThree Rightwards Arrows
U+021F7\nvleftarrowLeftwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021F8\nvrightarrowRightwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021F9\nvleftrightarrowLeft Right Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021FA\nVleftarrowLeftwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FB\nVrightarrowRightwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FC\nVleftrightarrowLeft Right Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FD\leftarrowtriangleLeftwards Open-Headed Arrow
U+021FE\rightarrowtriangleRightwards Open-Headed Arrow
U+021FF\leftrightarrowtriangleLeft Right Open-Headed Arrow
U+02200\forallFor All
U+02202\partialPartial Differential
U+02203\existsThere Exists
U+02204\nexistsThere Does Not Exist
U+02205\varnothing, \emptysetEmpty Set
U+02207\del, \nablaNabla
U+02208\inElement Of
U+02209\notinNot An Element Of
U+0220A\smallinSmall Element Of
U+0220B\niContains As Member
U+0220C\nniDoes Not Contain As Member
U+0220D\smallniSmall Contains As Member
U+0220E\QEDEnd Of Proof
U+0220F\prodN-Ary Product
U+02210\coprodN-Ary Coproduct
U+02211\sumN-Ary Summation
U+02212\minusMinus Sign
U+02213\mpMinus-Or-Plus Sign
U+02214\dotplusDot Plus
U+02216\setminusSet Minus
U+02217\astAsterisk Operator
U+02218\circRing Operator
U+02219\vysmblkcircleBullet Operator
U+0221A\surd, \sqrtSquare Root
U+0221B\cbrtCube Root
U+0221C\fourthrootFourth Root
U+0221D\proptoProportional To
U+0221F\rightangleRight Angle
U+02221\measuredangleMeasured Angle
U+02222\sphericalangleSpherical Angle
U+02224\nmidDoes Not Divide
U+02225\parallelParallel To
U+02226\nparallelNot Parallel To
U+02227\wedgeLogical And
U+02228\veeLogical Or
U+0222C\iintDouble Integral
U+0222D\iiintTriple Integral
U+0222E\ointContour Integral
U+0222F\oiintSurface Integral
U+02230\oiiintVolume Integral
U+02231\clwintegralClockwise Integral
U+02232\varointclockwiseClockwise Contour Integral
U+02233\ointctrclockwiseAnticlockwise Contour Integral
U+02238\dotminusDot Minus
U+0223A\dotsminusdotsGeometric Proportion
U+0223C\simTilde Operator
U+0223D\backsimReversed Tilde
U+0223E\lazysinvInverted Lazy S
U+0223F\sinewaveSine Wave
U+02240\wrWreath Product
U+02241\nsimNot Tilde
U+02242\eqsimMinus Tilde
U+02242 + U+00338≂̸\neqsimMinus Tilde + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02243\simeqAsymptotically Equal To
U+02244\nsimeNot Asymptotically Equal To
U+02245\congApproximately Equal To
U+02246\approxnotequalApproximately But Not Actually Equal To
U+02247\ncongNeither Approximately Nor Actually Equal To
U+02248\approxAlmost Equal To
U+02249\napproxNot Almost Equal To
U+0224A\approxeqAlmost Equal Or Equal To
U+0224B\tildetrplTriple Tilde
U+0224C\allequalAll Equal To
U+0224D\asympEquivalent To
U+0224E\BumpeqGeometrically Equivalent To
U+0224E + U+00338≎̸\nBumpeqGeometrically Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0224F\bumpeqDifference Between
U+0224F + U+00338≏̸\nbumpeqDifference Between + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02250\doteqApproaches The Limit
U+02251\DoteqGeometrically Equal To
U+02252\fallingdotseqApproximately Equal To Or The Image Of
U+02253\risingdotseqImage Of Or Approximately Equal To
U+02254\coloneqColon Equals / Colon Equal
U+02255\eqcolonEquals Colon / Equal Colon
U+02256\eqcircRing In Equal To
U+02257\circeqRing Equal To
U+02258\arceqCorresponds To
U+0225A\veeeqEquiangular To
U+0225B\starequalStar Equals
U+0225C\triangleqDelta Equal To
U+0225D\eqdefEqual To By Definition
U+0225E\measeqMeasured By
U+0225F\questeqQuestioned Equal To
U+02260\neNot Equal To
U+02261\equivIdentical To
U+02262\nequivNot Identical To
U+02263\EquivStrictly Equivalent To
U+02264\le, \leqLess-Than Or Equal To / Less Than Or Equal To
U+02265\ge, \geqGreater-Than Or Equal To / Greater Than Or Equal To
U+02266\leqqLess-Than Over Equal To / Less Than Over Equal To
U+02267\geqqGreater-Than Over Equal To / Greater Than Over Equal To
U+02268\lneqqLess-Than But Not Equal To / Less Than But Not Equal To
U+02268 + U+0FE00≨︀\lvertneqqLess-Than But Not Equal To / Less Than But Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+02269\gneqqGreater-Than But Not Equal To / Greater Than But Not Equal To
U+02269 + U+0FE00≩︀\gvertneqqGreater-Than But Not Equal To / Greater Than But Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0226A\llMuch Less-Than / Much Less Than
U+0226A + U+00338≪̸\NotLessLessMuch Less-Than / Much Less Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0226B\ggMuch Greater-Than / Much Greater Than
U+0226B + U+00338≫̸\NotGreaterGreaterMuch Greater-Than / Much Greater Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0226D\nasympNot Equivalent To
U+0226E\nlessNot Less-Than / Not Less Than
U+0226F\ngtrNot Greater-Than / Not Greater Than
U+02270\nleqNeither Less-Than Nor Equal To / Neither Less Than Nor Equal To
U+02271\ngeqNeither Greater-Than Nor Equal To / Neither Greater Than Nor Equal To
U+02272\lesssimLess-Than Or Equivalent To / Less Than Or Equivalent To
U+02273\gtrsimGreater-Than Or Equivalent To / Greater Than Or Equivalent To
U+02274\nlesssimNeither Less-Than Nor Equivalent To / Neither Less Than Nor Equivalent To
U+02275\ngtrsimNeither Greater-Than Nor Equivalent To / Neither Greater Than Nor Equivalent To
U+02276\lessgtrLess-Than Or Greater-Than / Less Than Or Greater Than
U+02277\gtrlessGreater-Than Or Less-Than / Greater Than Or Less Than
U+02278\notlessgreaterNeither Less-Than Nor Greater-Than / Neither Less Than Nor Greater Than
U+02279\notgreaterlessNeither Greater-Than Nor Less-Than / Neither Greater Than Nor Less Than
U+0227C\preccurlyeqPrecedes Or Equal To
U+0227D\succcurlyeqSucceeds Or Equal To
U+0227E\precsimPrecedes Or Equivalent To
U+0227E + U+00338≾̸\nprecsimPrecedes Or Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0227F\succsimSucceeds Or Equivalent To
U+0227F + U+00338≿̸\nsuccsimSucceeds Or Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02280\nprecDoes Not Precede
U+02281\nsuccDoes Not Succeed
U+02282\subsetSubset Of
U+02283\supsetSuperset Of
U+02284\nsubsetNot A Subset Of
U+02285\nsupsetNot A Superset Of
U+02286\subseteqSubset Of Or Equal To
U+02287\supseteqSuperset Of Or Equal To
U+02288\nsubseteqNeither A Subset Of Nor Equal To
U+02289\nsupseteqNeither A Superset Of Nor Equal To
U+0228A\subsetneqSubset Of With Not Equal To / Subset Of Or Not Equal To
U+0228A + U+0FE00⊊︀\varsubsetneqqSubset Of With Not Equal To / Subset Of Or Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0228B\supsetneqSuperset Of With Not Equal To / Superset Of Or Not Equal To
U+0228B + U+0FE00⊋︀\varsupsetneqSuperset Of With Not Equal To / Superset Of Or Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0228D\cupdotMultiset Multiplication
U+0228E\uplusMultiset Union
U+0228F\sqsubsetSquare Image Of
U+0228F + U+00338⊏̸\NotSquareSubsetSquare Image Of + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02290\sqsupsetSquare Original Of
U+02290 + U+00338⊐̸\NotSquareSupersetSquare Original Of + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02291\sqsubseteqSquare Image Of Or Equal To
U+02292\sqsupseteqSquare Original Of Or Equal To
U+02293\sqcapSquare Cap
U+02294\sqcupSquare Cup
U+02295\oplusCircled Plus
U+02296\ominusCircled Minus
U+02297\otimesCircled Times
U+02298\oslashCircled Division Slash
U+02299\odotCircled Dot Operator
U+0229A\circledcircCircled Ring Operator
U+0229B\circledastCircled Asterisk Operator
U+0229C\circledequalCircled Equals
U+0229D\circleddashCircled Dash
U+0229E\boxplusSquared Plus
U+0229F\boxminusSquared Minus
U+022A0\boxtimesSquared Times
U+022A1\boxdotSquared Dot Operator
U+022A2\vdashRight Tack
U+022A3\dashvLeft Tack
U+022A4\topDown Tack
U+022A5\botUp Tack
U+022AA\VvdashTriple Vertical Bar Right Turnstile
U+022AB\VDashDouble Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
U+022AC\nvdashDoes Not Prove
U+022AD\nvDashNot True
U+022AE\nVdashDoes Not Force
U+022AF\nVDashNegated Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
U+022B0\prurelPrecedes Under Relation
U+022B1\scurelSucceeds Under Relation
U+022B2\vartriangleleftNormal Subgroup Of
U+022B3\vartrianglerightContains As Normal Subgroup
U+022B4\trianglelefteqNormal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
U+022B5\trianglerighteqContains As Normal Subgroup Or Equal To
U+022B6\originalOriginal Of
U+022B7\imageImage Of
U+022B9\hermitconjmatrixHermitian Conjugate Matrix
U+022BB\veebar, \xorXor
U+022BC\barwedge, \nandNand
U+022BD\barvee, \norNor
U+022BE\rightanglearcRight Angle With Arc
U+022BF\varlrtriangleRight Triangle
U+022C0\bigwedgeN-Ary Logical And
U+022C1\bigveeN-Ary Logical Or
U+022C2\bigcapN-Ary Intersection
U+022C3\bigcupN-Ary Union
U+022C4\diamondDiamond Operator
U+022C5\cdotDot Operator
U+022C6\starStar Operator
U+022C7\divideontimesDivision Times
U+022C9\ltimesLeft Normal Factor Semidirect Product
U+022CA\rtimesRight Normal Factor Semidirect Product
U+022CB\leftthreetimesLeft Semidirect Product
U+022CC\rightthreetimesRight Semidirect Product
U+022CD\backsimeqReversed Tilde Equals
U+022CE\curlyveeCurly Logical Or
U+022CF\curlywedgeCurly Logical And
U+022D0\SubsetDouble Subset
U+022D1\SupsetDouble Superset
U+022D2\CapDouble Intersection
U+022D3\CupDouble Union
U+022D5\equalparallelEqual And Parallel To
U+022D6\lessdotLess-Than With Dot / Less Than With Dot
U+022D7\gtrdotGreater-Than With Dot / Greater Than With Dot
U+022D8\verymuchlessVery Much Less-Than / Very Much Less Than
U+022D9\gggVery Much Greater-Than / Very Much Greater Than
U+022DA\lesseqgtrLess-Than Equal To Or Greater-Than / Less Than Equal To Or Greater Than
U+022DB\gtreqlessGreater-Than Equal To Or Less-Than / Greater Than Equal To Or Less Than
U+022DC\eqlessEqual To Or Less-Than / Equal To Or Less Than
U+022DD\eqgtrEqual To Or Greater-Than / Equal To Or Greater Than
U+022DE\curlyeqprecEqual To Or Precedes
U+022DF\curlyeqsuccEqual To Or Succeeds
U+022E0\npreccurlyeqDoes Not Precede Or Equal
U+022E1\nsucccurlyeqDoes Not Succeed Or Equal
U+022E2\nsqsubseteqNot Square Image Of Or Equal To
U+022E3\nsqsupseteqNot Square Original Of Or Equal To
U+022E4\sqsubsetneqSquare Image Of Or Not Equal To
U+022E5\sqspneSquare Original Of Or Not Equal To
U+022E6\lnsimLess-Than But Not Equivalent To / Less Than But Not Equivalent To
U+022E7\gnsimGreater-Than But Not Equivalent To / Greater Than But Not Equivalent To
U+022E8\precnsimPrecedes But Not Equivalent To
U+022E9\succnsimSucceeds But Not Equivalent To
U+022EA\ntriangleleftNot Normal Subgroup Of
U+022EB\ntrianglerightDoes Not Contain As Normal Subgroup
U+022EC\ntrianglelefteqNot Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
U+022ED\ntrianglerighteqDoes Not Contain As Normal Subgroup Or Equal
U+022EE\vdotsVertical Ellipsis
U+022EF\cdotsMidline Horizontal Ellipsis
U+022F0\adotsUp Right Diagonal Ellipsis
U+022F1\ddotsDown Right Diagonal Ellipsis
U+022F2\disinElement Of With Long Horizontal Stroke
U+022F3\varisinsElement Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022F4\isinsSmall Element Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022F5\isindotElement Of With Dot Above
U+022F6\varisinobarElement Of With Overbar
U+022F7\isinobarSmall Element Of With Overbar
U+022F8\isinvbElement Of With Underbar
U+022F9\isinEElement Of With Two Horizontal Strokes
U+022FA\nisdContains With Long Horizontal Stroke
U+022FB\varnisContains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022FC\nisSmall Contains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022FD\varniobarContains With Overbar
U+022FE\niobarSmall Contains With Overbar
U+022FF\bagmemberZ Notation Bag Membership
U+02300\diameterDiameter Sign
U+02308\lceilLeft Ceiling
U+02309\rceilRight Ceiling
U+0230A\lfloorLeft Floor
U+0230B\rfloorRight Floor
U+02310\invnotReversed Not Sign
U+02311\sqlozengeSquare Lozenge
U+02315\recorderTelephone Recorder
U+02317\viewdataViewdata Square
U+02319\turnednotTurned Not Sign
U+0231C\ulcornerTop Left Corner
U+0231D\urcornerTop Right Corner
U+0231E\llcornerBottom Left Corner
U+0231F\lrcornerBottom Right Corner
U+0232C\varhexagonlrbondsBenzene Ring
U+02332\conictaperConical Taper
U+02336\topbotApl Functional Symbol I-Beam
U+0233D\obarApl Functional Symbol Circle Stile
U+0233F\notslashApl Functional Symbol Slash Bar
U+02340\notbackslashApl Functional Symbol Backslash Bar
U+02353\boxupcaretApl Functional Symbol Quad Up Caret
U+02370\boxquestionApl Functional Symbol Quad Question
U+02394\hexagonSoftware-Function Symbol
U+023A3\dlcornLeft Square Bracket Lower Corner
U+023B0\lmoustacheUpper Left Or Lower Right Curly Bracket Section
U+023B1\rmoustacheUpper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket Section
U+023B4\overbracketTop Square Bracket
U+023B5\underbracketBottom Square Bracket
U+023B6\bbrktbrkBottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket
U+023B7\sqrtbottomRadical Symbol Bottom
U+023B8\lvboxlineLeft Vertical Box Line
U+023B9\rvboxlineRight Vertical Box Line
U+023CE\varcarriagereturnReturn Symbol
U+023DE\overbraceTop Curly Bracket
U+023DF\underbraceBottom Curly Bracket
U+023E2\trapeziumWhite Trapezium
U+023E3\benzenrBenzene Ring With Circle
U+023E6\accurrentAc Current
U+023E7\elintersElectrical Intersection
U+023E9\:fast_forward:Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023EA\:rewind:Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023EB\:arrow_double_up:Black Up-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023EC\:arrow_double_down:Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023F0\:alarm_clock:Alarm Clock
U+023F3\:hourglass_flowing_sand:Hourglass With Flowing Sand
U+02422\blanksymbolBlank Symbol / Blank
U+02423\visiblespaceOpen Box
U+024C2\:m:Circled Latin Capital Letter M
U+024C8\circledSCircled Latin Capital Letter S
U+02506\dshfncBox Drawings Light Triple Dash Vertical / Forms Light Triple Dash Vertical
U+02519\sqfnwBox Drawings Up Light And Left Heavy / Forms Up Light And Left Heavy
U+02571\diagupBox Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left / Forms Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left
U+02572\diagdownBox Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right / Forms Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right
U+02580\blockuphalfUpper Half Block
U+02584\blocklowhalfLower Half Block
U+02588\blockfullFull Block
U+0258C\blocklefthalfLeft Half Block
U+02590\blockrighthalfRight Half Block
U+02591\blockqtrshadedLight Shade
U+02592\blockhalfshadedMedium Shade
U+02593\blockthreeqtrshadedDark Shade
U+025A0\blacksquareBlack Square
U+025A1\squareWhite Square
U+025A2\squovalWhite Square With Rounded Corners
U+025A3\blackinwhitesquareWhite Square Containing Black Small Square
U+025A4\squarehfillSquare With Horizontal Fill
U+025A5\squarevfillSquare With Vertical Fill
U+025A6\squarehvfillSquare With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
U+025A7\squarenwsefillSquare With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
U+025A8\squareneswfillSquare With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
U+025A9\squarecrossfillSquare With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
U+025AA\smblksquare, \:black_small_square:Black Small Square
U+025AB\smwhtsquare, \:white_small_square:White Small Square
U+025AC\hrectangleblackBlack Rectangle
U+025AD\hrectangleWhite Rectangle
U+025AE\vrectangleblackBlack Vertical Rectangle
U+025AF\vrectoWhite Vertical Rectangle
U+025B0\parallelogramblackBlack Parallelogram
U+025B1\parallelogramWhite Parallelogram
U+025B2\bigblacktriangleupBlack Up-Pointing Triangle / Black Up Pointing Triangle
U+025B3\bigtriangleupWhite Up-Pointing Triangle / White Up Pointing Triangle
U+025B4\blacktriangleBlack Up-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Up Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B5\vartriangleWhite Up-Pointing Small Triangle / White Up Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B6\blacktriangleright, \:arrow_forward:Black Right-Pointing Triangle / Black Right Pointing Triangle
U+025B7\trianglerightWhite Right-Pointing Triangle / White Right Pointing Triangle
U+025B8\smallblacktrianglerightBlack Right-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Right Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B9\smalltrianglerightWhite Right-Pointing Small Triangle / White Right Pointing Small Triangle
U+025BA\blackpointerrightBlack Right-Pointing Pointer / Black Right Pointing Pointer
U+025BB\whitepointerrightWhite Right-Pointing Pointer / White Right Pointing Pointer
U+025BC\bigblacktriangledownBlack Down-Pointing Triangle / Black Down Pointing Triangle
U+025BD\bigtriangledownWhite Down-Pointing Triangle / White Down Pointing Triangle
U+025BE\blacktriangledownBlack Down-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Down Pointing Small Triangle
U+025BF\triangledownWhite Down-Pointing Small Triangle / White Down Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C0\blacktriangleleft, \:arrow_backward:Black Left-Pointing Triangle / Black Left Pointing Triangle
U+025C1\triangleleftWhite Left-Pointing Triangle / White Left Pointing Triangle
U+025C2\smallblacktriangleleftBlack Left-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Left Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C3\smalltriangleleftWhite Left-Pointing Small Triangle / White Left Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C4\blackpointerleftBlack Left-Pointing Pointer / Black Left Pointing Pointer
U+025C5\whitepointerleftWhite Left-Pointing Pointer / White Left Pointing Pointer
U+025C6\mdlgblkdiamondBlack Diamond
U+025C7\mdlgwhtdiamondWhite Diamond
U+025C8\blackinwhitediamondWhite Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
U+025CB\bigcircWhite Circle
U+025CC\dottedcircleDotted Circle
U+025CD\circlevertfillCircle With Vertical Fill
U+025CF\mdlgblkcircleBlack Circle
U+025D0\cirflCircle With Left Half Black
U+025D1\cirfrCircle With Right Half Black
U+025D2\cirfbCircle With Lower Half Black
U+025D3\circletophalfblackCircle With Upper Half Black
U+025D4\circleurquadblackCircle With Upper Right Quadrant Black
U+025D5\blackcircleulquadwhiteCircle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black
U+025D6\blacklefthalfcircleLeft Half Black Circle
U+025D7\blackrighthalfcircleRight Half Black Circle
U+025D8\rvbullInverse Bullet
U+025D9\inversewhitecircleInverse White Circle
U+025DA\invwhiteupperhalfcircleUpper Half Inverse White Circle
U+025DB\invwhitelowerhalfcircleLower Half Inverse White Circle
U+025DC\ularcUpper Left Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DD\urarcUpper Right Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DE\lrarcLower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DF\llarcLower Left Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025E0\topsemicircleUpper Half Circle
U+025E1\botsemicircleLower Half Circle
U+025E2\lrblacktriangleBlack Lower Right Triangle
U+025E3\llblacktriangleBlack Lower Left Triangle
U+025E4\ulblacktriangleBlack Upper Left Triangle
U+025E5\urblacktriangleBlack Upper Right Triangle
U+025E6\smwhtcircleWhite Bullet
U+025E7\sqflSquare With Left Half Black
U+025E8\sqfrSquare With Right Half Black
U+025E9\squareulblackSquare With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
U+025EA\sqfseSquare With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
U+025EB\boxbarWhite Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
U+025EC\trianglecdotWhite Up-Pointing Triangle With Dot / White Up Pointing Triangle With Dot
U+025ED\triangleleftblackUp-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black / Up Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
U+025EE\trianglerightblackUp-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black / Up Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
U+025EF\lgwhtcircleLarge Circle
U+025F0\squareulquadWhite Square With Upper Left Quadrant
U+025F1\squarellquadWhite Square With Lower Left Quadrant
U+025F2\squarelrquadWhite Square With Lower Right Quadrant
U+025F3\squareurquadWhite Square With Upper Right Quadrant
U+025F4\circleulquadWhite Circle With Upper Left Quadrant
U+025F5\circlellquadWhite Circle With Lower Left Quadrant
U+025F6\circlelrquadWhite Circle With Lower Right Quadrant
U+025F7\circleurquadWhite Circle With Upper Right Quadrant
U+025F8\ultriangleUpper Left Triangle
U+025F9\urtriangleUpper Right Triangle
U+025FA\lltriangleLower Left Triangle
U+025FB\mdwhtsquare, \:white_medium_square:White Medium Square
U+025FC\mdblksquare, \:black_medium_square:Black Medium Square
U+025FD\mdsmwhtsquare, \:white_medium_small_square:White Medium Small Square
U+025FE\mdsmblksquare, \:black_medium_small_square:Black Medium Small Square
U+025FF\lrtriangleLower Right Triangle
U+02600\:sunny:Black Sun With Rays
U+02605\bigstarBlack Star
U+02606\bigwhitestarWhite Star
U+0260E\:phone:Black Telephone
U+02611\:ballot_box_with_check:Ballot Box With Check
U+02614\:umbrella_with_rain_drops:, \:umbrella:Umbrella With Rain Drops
U+02615\:coffee:Hot Beverage
U+0261D\:point_up:White Up Pointing Index
U+02621\dangerCaution Sign
U+0263A\:relaxed:White Smiling Face
U+0263B\blacksmileyBlack Smiling Face
U+0263C\sunWhite Sun With Rays
U+0263D\rightmoonFirst Quarter Moon
U+0263E\leftmoonLast Quarter Moon
U+02640\venus, \femaleFemale Sign
U+02642\male, \marsMale Sign
U+02648\aries, \:aries:Aries
U+02649\taurus, \:taurus:Taurus
U+0264A\gemini, \:gemini:Gemini
U+0264B\cancer, \:cancer:Cancer
U+0264C\leo, \:leo:Leo
U+0264D\virgo, \:virgo:Virgo
U+0264E\libra, \:libra:Libra
U+0264F\scorpio, \:scorpius:Scorpius
U+02650\sagittarius, \:sagittarius:Sagittarius
U+02651\capricornus, \:capricorn:Capricorn
U+02652\aquarius, \:aquarius:Aquarius
U+02653\pisces, \:pisces:Pisces
U+02660\spadesuit, \:spades:Black Spade Suit
U+02661\heartsuitWhite Heart Suit
U+02662\diamondsuitWhite Diamond Suit
U+02663\clubsuit, \:clubs:Black Club Suit
U+02664\varspadesuitWhite Spade Suit
U+02665\varheartsuit, \:hearts:Black Heart Suit
U+02666\vardiamondsuit, \:diamonds:Black Diamond Suit
U+02667\varclubsuitWhite Club Suit
U+02668\:hotsprings:Hot Springs
U+02669\quarternoteQuarter Note
U+0266A\eighthnoteEighth Note
U+0266B\twonotesBeamed Eighth Notes / Barred Eighth Notes
U+0266D\flatMusic Flat Sign / Flat
U+0266E\naturalMusic Natural Sign / Natural
U+0266F\sharpMusic Sharp Sign / Sharp
U+0267B\:recycle:Black Universal Recycling Symbol
U+0267E\acidfreePermanent Paper Sign
U+0267F\:wheelchair:Wheelchair Symbol
U+02680\diceiDie Face-1
U+02681\diceiiDie Face-2
U+02682\diceiiiDie Face-3
U+02683\diceivDie Face-4
U+02684\dicevDie Face-5
U+02685\diceviDie Face-6
U+02686\circledrightdotWhite Circle With Dot Right
U+02687\circledtwodotsWhite Circle With Two Dots
U+02688\blackcircledrightdotBlack Circle With White Dot Right
U+02689\blackcircledtwodotsBlack Circle With Two White Dots
U+026A0\:warning:Warning Sign
U+026A1\:zap:High Voltage Sign
U+026A5\hermaphroditeMale And Female Sign
U+026AA\mdwhtcircle, \:white_circle:Medium White Circle
U+026AB\mdblkcircle, \:black_circle:Medium Black Circle
U+026AC\mdsmwhtcircleMedium Small White Circle
U+026BD\:soccer:Soccer Ball
U+026C4\:snowman:, \:snowman_without_snow:Snowman Without Snow
U+026C5\:partly_sunny:Sun Behind Cloud
U+026D4\:no_entry:No Entry
U+026F3\:golf:Flag In Hole
U+026FD\:fuelpump:Fuel Pump
U+02702\:scissors:Black Scissors
U+02705\:white_check_mark:White Heavy Check Mark
U+0270A\:fist:Raised Fist
U+0270B\:hand:Raised Hand
U+0270C\:v:Victory Hand
U+02712\:black_nib:Black Nib
U+02713\checkmarkCheck Mark
U+02714\:heavy_check_mark:Heavy Check Mark
U+02716\:heavy_multiplication_x:Heavy Multiplication X
U+02720\malteseMaltese Cross
U+0272A\circledstarCircled White Star
U+02733\:eight_spoked_asterisk:Eight Spoked Asterisk
U+02734\:eight_pointed_black_star:Eight Pointed Black Star
U+02736\varstarSix Pointed Black Star
U+0273D\dingasteriskHeavy Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk
U+0274C\:x:Cross Mark
U+0274E\:negative_squared_cross_mark:Negative Squared Cross Mark
U+02753\:question:Black Question Mark Ornament
U+02754\:grey_question:White Question Mark Ornament
U+02755\:grey_exclamation:White Exclamation Mark Ornament
U+02757\:exclamation:Heavy Exclamation Mark Symbol
U+02764\:heart:Heavy Black Heart
U+02795\:heavy_plus_sign:Heavy Plus Sign
U+02796\:heavy_minus_sign:Heavy Minus Sign
U+02797\:heavy_division_sign:Heavy Division Sign
U+0279B\draftingarrowDrafting Point Rightwards Arrow / Drafting Point Right Arrow
U+027A1\:arrow_right:Black Rightwards Arrow / Black Right Arrow
U+027B0\:curly_loop:Curly Loop
U+027BF\:loop:Double Curly Loop
U+027C0\threedangleThree Dimensional Angle
U+027C1\whiteinwhitetriangleWhite Triangle Containing Small White Triangle
U+027C8\bsolhsubReverse Solidus Preceding Subset
U+027C9\suphsolSuperset Preceding Solidus
U+027D1\wedgedotAnd With Dot
U+027D2\upinElement Of Opening Upwards
U+027D5\leftouterjoinLeft Outer Join
U+027D6\rightouterjoinRight Outer Join
U+027D7\fullouterjoinFull Outer Join
U+027D8\bigbotLarge Up Tack
U+027D9\bigtopLarge Down Tack
U+027E6\llbracket, \openbracketleftMathematical Left White Square Bracket
U+027E7\openbracketright, \rrbracketMathematical Right White Square Bracket
U+027E8\langleMathematical Left Angle Bracket
U+027E9\rangleMathematical Right Angle Bracket
U+027F0\UUparrowUpwards Quadruple Arrow
U+027F1\DDownarrowDownwards Quadruple Arrow
U+027F5\longleftarrowLong Leftwards Arrow
U+027F6\longrightarrowLong Rightwards Arrow
U+027F7\longleftrightarrowLong Left Right Arrow
U+027F8\impliedby, \LongleftarrowLong Leftwards Double Arrow
U+027F9\implies, \LongrightarrowLong Rightwards Double Arrow
U+027FA\Longleftrightarrow, \iffLong Left Right Double Arrow
U+027FB\longmapsfromLong Leftwards Arrow From Bar
U+027FC\longmapstoLong Rightwards Arrow From Bar
U+027FD\LongmapsfromLong Leftwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+027FE\LongmapstoLong Rightwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+027FF\longrightsquigarrowLong Rightwards Squiggle Arrow
U+02900\nvtwoheadrightarrowRightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02901\nVtwoheadrightarrowRightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02902\nvLeftarrowLeftwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02903\nvRightarrowRightwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02904\nvLeftrightarrowLeft Right Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02905\twoheadmapstoRightwards Two-Headed Arrow From Bar
U+02906\MapsfromLeftwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+02907\MapstoRightwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+02908\downarrowbarredDownwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke
U+02909\uparrowbarredUpwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke
U+0290A\UuparrowUpwards Triple Arrow
U+0290B\DdownarrowDownwards Triple Arrow
U+0290C\leftbkarrowLeftwards Double Dash Arrow
U+0290D\bkarowRightwards Double Dash Arrow
U+0290E\leftdbkarrowLeftwards Triple Dash Arrow
U+0290F\dbkarowRightwards Triple Dash Arrow
U+02910\drbkarrowRightwards Two-Headed Triple Dash Arrow
U+02911\rightdotarrowRightwards Arrow With Dotted Stem
U+02912\UpArrowBarUpwards Arrow To Bar
U+02913\DownArrowBarDownwards Arrow To Bar
U+02914\nvrightarrowtailRightwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02915\nVrightarrowtailRightwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02916\twoheadrightarrowtailRightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail
U+02917\nvtwoheadrightarrowtailRightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02918\nVtwoheadrightarrowtailRightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+0291D\diamondleftarrowLeftwards Arrow To Black Diamond
U+0291E\rightarrowdiamondRightwards Arrow To Black Diamond
U+0291F\diamondleftarrowbarLeftwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond
U+02920\barrightarrowdiamondRightwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond
U+02925\hksearowSouth East Arrow With Hook
U+02926\hkswarowSouth West Arrow With Hook
U+02927\tonaNorth West Arrow And North East Arrow
U+02928\toeaNorth East Arrow And South East Arrow
U+02929\tosaSouth East Arrow And South West Arrow
U+0292A\towaSouth West Arrow And North West Arrow
U+0292B\rdiagovfdiagRising Diagonal Crossing Falling Diagonal
U+0292C\fdiagovrdiagFalling Diagonal Crossing Rising Diagonal
U+0292D\seovnearrowSouth East Arrow Crossing North East Arrow
U+0292E\neovsearrowNorth East Arrow Crossing South East Arrow
U+0292F\fdiagovnearrowFalling Diagonal Crossing North East Arrow
U+02930\rdiagovsearrowRising Diagonal Crossing South East Arrow
U+02931\neovnwarrowNorth East Arrow Crossing North West Arrow
U+02932\nwovnearrowNorth West Arrow Crossing North East Arrow
U+02934\:arrow_heading_up:Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Upwards
U+02935\:arrow_heading_down:Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Downwards
U+02942\RlarrRightwards Arrow Above Short Leftwards Arrow
U+02944\rLarrShort Rightwards Arrow Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02945\rightarrowplusRightwards Arrow With Plus Below
U+02946\leftarrowplusLeftwards Arrow With Plus Below
U+02947\rarrxRightwards Arrow Through X
U+02948\leftrightarrowcircleLeft Right Arrow Through Small Circle
U+02949\twoheaduparrowcircleUpwards Two-Headed Arrow From Small Circle
U+0294A\leftrightharpoonupdownLeft Barb Up Right Barb Down Harpoon
U+0294B\leftrightharpoondownupLeft Barb Down Right Barb Up Harpoon
U+0294C\updownharpoonrightleftUp Barb Right Down Barb Left Harpoon
U+0294D\updownharpoonleftrightUp Barb Left Down Barb Right Harpoon
U+0294E\LeftRightVectorLeft Barb Up Right Barb Up Harpoon
U+0294F\RightUpDownVectorUp Barb Right Down Barb Right Harpoon
U+02950\DownLeftRightVectorLeft Barb Down Right Barb Down Harpoon
U+02951\LeftUpDownVectorUp Barb Left Down Barb Left Harpoon
U+02952\LeftVectorBarLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Up To Bar
U+02953\RightVectorBarRightwards Harpoon With Barb Up To Bar
U+02954\RightUpVectorBarUpwards Harpoon With Barb Right To Bar
U+02955\RightDownVectorBarDownwards Harpoon With Barb Right To Bar
U+02956\DownLeftVectorBarLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Down To Bar
U+02957\DownRightVectorBarRightwards Harpoon With Barb Down To Bar
U+02958\LeftUpVectorBarUpwards Harpoon With Barb Left To Bar
U+02959\LeftDownVectorBarDownwards Harpoon With Barb Left To Bar
U+0295A\LeftTeeVectorLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Up From Bar
U+0295B\RightTeeVectorRightwards Harpoon With Barb Up From Bar
U+0295C\RightUpTeeVectorUpwards Harpoon With Barb Right From Bar
U+0295D\RightDownTeeVectorDownwards Harpoon With Barb Right From Bar
U+0295E\DownLeftTeeVectorLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Down From Bar
U+0295F\DownRightTeeVectorRightwards Harpoon With Barb Down From Bar
U+02960\LeftUpTeeVectorUpwards Harpoon With Barb Left From Bar
U+02961\LeftDownTeeVectorDownwards Harpoon With Barb Left From Bar
U+02962\leftharpoonsupdownLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02963\upharpoonsleftrightUpwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02964\rightharpoonsupdownRightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02965\downharpoonsleftrightDownwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02966\leftrightharpoonsupLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up
U+02967\leftrightharpoonsdownLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Down Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02968\rightleftharpoonsupRightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up
U+02969\rightleftharpoonsdownRightwards Harpoon With Barb Down Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+0296A\leftharpoonupdashLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Long Dash
U+0296B\dashleftharpoondownLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Down Below Long Dash
U+0296C\rightharpoonupdashRightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Long Dash
U+0296D\dashrightharpoondownRightwards Harpoon With Barb Down Below Long Dash
U+0296E\UpEquilibriumUpwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+0296F\ReverseUpEquilibriumDownwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02970\RoundImpliesRight Double Arrow With Rounded Head
U+02980\VvertTriple Vertical Bar Delimiter
U+02986\ElroangRight White Parenthesis
U+02999\ddfncDotted Fence
U+0299B\measuredangleleftMeasured Angle Opening Left
U+0299C\AngleRight Angle Variant With Square
U+0299D\rightanglemdotMeasured Right Angle With Dot
U+0299E\anglesAngle With S Inside
U+0299F\angdnrAcute Angle
U+029A0\lpargtSpherical Angle Opening Left
U+029A1\sphericalangleupSpherical Angle Opening Up
U+029A2\turnangleTurned Angle
U+029A3\revangleReversed Angle
U+029A4\angleubarAngle With Underbar
U+029A5\revangleubarReversed Angle With Underbar
U+029A6\wideangledownOblique Angle Opening Up
U+029A7\wideangleupOblique Angle Opening Down
U+029A8\measanglerutoneMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Right
U+029A9\measanglelutonwMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Left
U+029AA\measanglerdtoseMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Right
U+029AB\measangleldtoswMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Left
U+029AC\measangleurtoneMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Up
U+029AD\measangleultonwMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Up
U+029AE\measangledrtoseMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Down
U+029AF\measangledltoswMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Down
U+029B0\revemptysetReversed Empty Set
U+029B1\emptysetobarEmpty Set With Overbar
U+029B2\emptysetocircEmpty Set With Small Circle Above
U+029B3\emptysetoarrEmpty Set With Right Arrow Above
U+029B4\emptysetoarrlEmpty Set With Left Arrow Above
U+029B7\circledparallelCircled Parallel
U+029B8\obslashCircled Reverse Solidus
U+029BC\odotslashdotCircled Anticlockwise-Rotated Division Sign
U+029BE\circledwhitebulletCircled White Bullet
U+029BF⦿\circledbulletCircled Bullet
U+029C0\olessthanCircled Less-Than
U+029C1\ogreaterthanCircled Greater-Than
U+029C4\boxdiagSquared Rising Diagonal Slash
U+029C5\boxbslashSquared Falling Diagonal Slash
U+029C6\boxastSquared Asterisk
U+029C7\boxcircleSquared Small Circle
U+029CA\LapTriangle With Dot Above
U+029CB\defasTriangle With Underbar
U+029CF\LeftTriangleBarLeft Triangle Beside Vertical Bar
U+029CF + U+00338⧏̸\NotLeftTriangleBarLeft Triangle Beside Vertical Bar + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+029D0\RightTriangleBarVertical Bar Beside Right Triangle
U+029D0 + U+00338⧐̸\NotRightTriangleBarVertical Bar Beside Right Triangle + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+029DF\dualmapDouble-Ended Multimap
U+029E1\lrtriangleeqIncreases As
U+029E2\shuffleShuffle Product
U+029E3\eparslEquals Sign And Slanted Parallel
U+029E4\smeparslEquals Sign And Slanted Parallel With Tilde Above
U+029E5\eqvparslIdentical To And Slanted Parallel
U+029EB\blacklozengeBlack Lozenge
U+029F6\dsolSolidus With Overbar
U+029F7\rsolbarReverse Solidus With Horizontal Stroke
U+029FA\doubleplusDouble Plus
U+029FB\tripleplusTriple Plus
U+02A00\bigodotN-Ary Circled Dot Operator
U+02A01\bigoplusN-Ary Circled Plus Operator
U+02A02\bigotimesN-Ary Circled Times Operator
U+02A03\bigcupdotN-Ary Union Operator With Dot
U+02A04\biguplusN-Ary Union Operator With Plus
U+02A05\bigsqcapN-Ary Square Intersection Operator
U+02A06\bigsqcupN-Ary Square Union Operator
U+02A07\conjquantTwo Logical And Operator
U+02A08\disjquantTwo Logical Or Operator
U+02A09\bigtimesN-Ary Times Operator
U+02A0A\modtwosumModulo Two Sum
U+02A0B\sumintSummation With Integral
U+02A0C\iiiintQuadruple Integral Operator
U+02A0D\intbarFinite Part Integral
U+02A0E\intBarIntegral With Double Stroke
U+02A0F\clockointIntegral Average With Slash
U+02A10\cirfnintCirculation Function
U+02A11\awintAnticlockwise Integration
U+02A12\rppolintLine Integration With Rectangular Path Around Pole
U+02A13\scpolintLine Integration With Semicircular Path Around Pole
U+02A14\npolintLine Integration Not Including The Pole
U+02A15\pointintIntegral Around A Point Operator
U+02A16\sqrintQuaternion Integral Operator
U+02A18\intxIntegral With Times Sign
U+02A19\intcapIntegral With Intersection
U+02A1A\intcupIntegral With Union
U+02A1B\upintIntegral With Overbar
U+02A1C\lowintIntegral With Underbar
U+02A1F\bbsemiZ Notation Schema Composition
U+02A22\ringplusPlus Sign With Small Circle Above
U+02A23\plushatPlus Sign With Circumflex Accent Above
U+02A24\simplusPlus Sign With Tilde Above
U+02A25\plusdotPlus Sign With Dot Below
U+02A26\plussimPlus Sign With Tilde Below
U+02A27\plussubtwoPlus Sign With Subscript Two
U+02A28\plustrifPlus Sign With Black Triangle
U+02A29\commaminusMinus Sign With Comma Above
U+02A2A\minusdotMinus Sign With Dot Below
U+02A2B\minusfdotsMinus Sign With Falling Dots
U+02A2C\minusrdotsMinus Sign With Rising Dots
U+02A2D\opluslhrimPlus Sign In Left Half Circle
U+02A2E\oplusrhrimPlus Sign In Right Half Circle
U+02A2F\TimesVector Or Cross Product
U+02A30\dottimesMultiplication Sign With Dot Above
U+02A31\timesbarMultiplication Sign With Underbar
U+02A32\btimesSemidirect Product With Bottom Closed
U+02A33\smashtimesSmash Product
U+02A34\otimeslhrimMultiplication Sign In Left Half Circle
U+02A35\otimesrhrimMultiplication Sign In Right Half Circle
U+02A36\otimeshatCircled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex Accent
U+02A37\OtimesMultiplication Sign In Double Circle
U+02A38\odivCircled Division Sign
U+02A39\triangleplusPlus Sign In Triangle
U+02A3A\triangleminusMinus Sign In Triangle
U+02A3B\triangletimesMultiplication Sign In Triangle
U+02A3C\intprodInterior Product
U+02A3D\intprodrRighthand Interior Product
U+02A3F⨿\amalgAmalgamation Or Coproduct
U+02A40\capdotIntersection With Dot
U+02A41\uminusUnion With Minus Sign
U+02A42\barcupUnion With Overbar
U+02A43\barcapIntersection With Overbar
U+02A44\capwedgeIntersection With Logical And
U+02A45\cupveeUnion With Logical Or
U+02A4A\twocupsUnion Beside And Joined With Union
U+02A4B\twocapsIntersection Beside And Joined With Intersection
U+02A4C\closedvarcupClosed Union With Serifs
U+02A4D\closedvarcapClosed Intersection With Serifs
U+02A4E\SqcapDouble Square Intersection
U+02A4F\SqcupDouble Square Union
U+02A50\closedvarcupsmashprodClosed Union With Serifs And Smash Product
U+02A51\wedgeodotLogical And With Dot Above
U+02A52\veeodotLogical Or With Dot Above
U+02A53\AndDouble Logical And
U+02A54\OrDouble Logical Or
U+02A55\wedgeonwedgeTwo Intersecting Logical And
U+02A56\ElOrTwo Intersecting Logical Or
U+02A57\bigslopedveeSloping Large Or
U+02A58\bigslopedwedgeSloping Large And
U+02A5A\wedgemidvertLogical And With Middle Stem
U+02A5B\veemidvertLogical Or With Middle Stem
U+02A5C\midbarwedgeLogical And With Horizontal Dash
U+02A5D\midbarveeLogical Or With Horizontal Dash
U+02A5E\perspcorrespondLogical And With Double Overbar
U+02A5F\minhatLogical And With Underbar
U+02A60\wedgedoublebarLogical And With Double Underbar
U+02A61\varveebarSmall Vee With Underbar
U+02A62\doublebarveeLogical Or With Double Overbar
U+02A63\veedoublebarLogical Or With Double Underbar
U+02A66\eqdotEquals Sign With Dot Below
U+02A67\dotequivIdentical With Dot Above
U+02A6A\dotsimTilde Operator With Dot Above
U+02A6B\simrdotsTilde Operator With Rising Dots
U+02A6C\simminussimSimilar Minus Similar
U+02A6D\congdotCongruent With Dot Above
U+02A6E\asteqEquals With Asterisk
U+02A6F\hatapproxAlmost Equal To With Circumflex Accent
U+02A70\approxeqqApproximately Equal Or Equal To
U+02A71\eqqplusEquals Sign Above Plus Sign
U+02A72\pluseqqPlus Sign Above Equals Sign
U+02A73\eqqsimEquals Sign Above Tilde Operator
U+02A74\ColoneqDouble Colon Equal
U+02A75\EqualTwo Consecutive Equals Signs
U+02A76\eqeqeqThree Consecutive Equals Signs
U+02A77\ddotseqEquals Sign With Two Dots Above And Two Dots Below
U+02A78\equivDDEquivalent With Four Dots Above
U+02A79\ltcirLess-Than With Circle Inside
U+02A7A\gtcirGreater-Than With Circle Inside
U+02A7B\ltquestLess-Than With Question Mark Above
U+02A7C\gtquestGreater-Than With Question Mark Above
U+02A7D\leqslantLess-Than Or Slanted Equal To
U+02A7D + U+00338⩽̸\nleqslantLess-Than Or Slanted Equal To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02A7E\geqslantGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To
U+02A7E + U+00338⩾̸\ngeqslantGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02A7F⩿\lesdotLess-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
U+02A80\gesdotGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
U+02A81\lesdotoLess-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
U+02A82\gesdotoGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
U+02A83\lesdotorLess-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Right
U+02A84\gesdotolGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Left
U+02A85\lessapproxLess-Than Or Approximate
U+02A86\gtrapproxGreater-Than Or Approximate
U+02A87\lneqLess-Than And Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02A88\gneqGreater-Than And Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02A89\lnapproxLess-Than And Not Approximate
U+02A8A\gnapproxGreater-Than And Not Approximate
U+02A8B\lesseqqgtrLess-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Greater-Than
U+02A8C\gtreqqlessGreater-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Less-Than
U+02A8D\lsimeLess-Than Above Similar Or Equal
U+02A8E\gsimeGreater-Than Above Similar Or Equal
U+02A8F\lsimgLess-Than Above Similar Above Greater-Than
U+02A90\gsimlGreater-Than Above Similar Above Less-Than
U+02A91\lgELess-Than Above Greater-Than Above Double-Line Equal
U+02A92\glEGreater-Than Above Less-Than Above Double-Line Equal
U+02A93\lesgesLess-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Greater-Than Above Slanted Equal
U+02A94\geslesGreater-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Less-Than Above Slanted Equal
U+02A95\eqslantlessSlanted Equal To Or Less-Than
U+02A96\eqslantgtrSlanted Equal To Or Greater-Than
U+02A97\elsdotSlanted Equal To Or Less-Than With Dot Inside
U+02A98\egsdotSlanted Equal To Or Greater-Than With Dot Inside
U+02A99\eqqlessDouble-Line Equal To Or Less-Than
U+02A9A\eqqgtrDouble-Line Equal To Or Greater-Than
U+02A9B\eqqslantlessDouble-Line Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than
U+02A9C\eqqslantgtrDouble-Line Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than
U+02A9D\simlessSimilar Or Less-Than
U+02A9E\simgtrSimilar Or Greater-Than
U+02A9F\simlESimilar Above Less-Than Above Equals Sign
U+02AA0\simgESimilar Above Greater-Than Above Equals Sign
U+02AA1\NestedLessLessDouble Nested Less-Than
U+02AA1 + U+00338⪡̸\NotNestedLessLessDouble Nested Less-Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AA2\NestedGreaterGreaterDouble Nested Greater-Than
U+02AA2 + U+00338⪢̸\NotNestedGreaterGreaterDouble Nested Greater-Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AA3\partialmeetcontractionDouble Nested Less-Than With Underbar
U+02AA4\gljGreater-Than Overlapping Less-Than
U+02AA5\glaGreater-Than Beside Less-Than
U+02AA6\ltccLess-Than Closed By Curve
U+02AA7\gtccGreater-Than Closed By Curve
U+02AA8\lesccLess-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
U+02AA9\gesccGreater-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
U+02AAA\smtSmaller Than
U+02AAB\latLarger Than
U+02AAC\smteSmaller Than Or Equal To
U+02AAD\lateLarger Than Or Equal To
U+02AAE\bumpeqqEquals Sign With Bumpy Above
U+02AAF\preceqPrecedes Above Single-Line Equals Sign
U+02AAF + U+00338⪯̸\npreceqPrecedes Above Single-Line Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AB0\succeqSucceeds Above Single-Line Equals Sign
U+02AB0 + U+00338⪰̸\nsucceqSucceeds Above Single-Line Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AB1\precneqPrecedes Above Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02AB2\succneqSucceeds Above Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02AB3\preceqqPrecedes Above Equals Sign
U+02AB4\succeqqSucceeds Above Equals Sign
U+02AB5\precneqqPrecedes Above Not Equal To
U+02AB6\succneqqSucceeds Above Not Equal To
U+02AB7\precapproxPrecedes Above Almost Equal To
U+02AB8\succapproxSucceeds Above Almost Equal To
U+02AB9\precnapproxPrecedes Above Not Almost Equal To
U+02ABA\succnapproxSucceeds Above Not Almost Equal To
U+02ABB\PrecDouble Precedes
U+02ABC\SuccDouble Succeeds
U+02ABD\subsetdotSubset With Dot
U+02ABE\supsetdotSuperset With Dot
U+02ABF⪿\subsetplusSubset With Plus Sign Below
U+02AC0\supsetplusSuperset With Plus Sign Below
U+02AC1\submultSubset With Multiplication Sign Below
U+02AC2\supmultSuperset With Multiplication Sign Below
U+02AC3\subedotSubset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
U+02AC4\supedotSuperset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
U+02AC5\subseteqqSubset Of Above Equals Sign
U+02AC5 + U+00338⫅̸\nsubseteqqSubset Of Above Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AC6\supseteqqSuperset Of Above Equals Sign
U+02AC6 + U+00338⫆̸\nsupseteqqSuperset Of Above Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AC7\subsimSubset Of Above Tilde Operator
U+02AC8\supsimSuperset Of Above Tilde Operator
U+02AC9\subsetapproxSubset Of Above Almost Equal To
U+02ACA\supsetapproxSuperset Of Above Almost Equal To
U+02ACB\subsetneqqSubset Of Above Not Equal To
U+02ACC\supsetneqqSuperset Of Above Not Equal To
U+02ACD\lsqhookSquare Left Open Box Operator
U+02ACE\rsqhookSquare Right Open Box Operator
U+02ACF\csubClosed Subset
U+02AD0\csupClosed Superset
U+02AD1\csubeClosed Subset Or Equal To
U+02AD2\csupeClosed Superset Or Equal To
U+02AD3\subsupSubset Above Superset
U+02AD4\supsubSuperset Above Subset
U+02AD5\subsubSubset Above Subset
U+02AD6\supsupSuperset Above Superset
U+02AD7\suphsubSuperset Beside Subset
U+02AD8\supdsubSuperset Beside And Joined By Dash With Subset
U+02AD9\forkvElement Of Opening Downwards
U+02ADB\mlcpTransversal Intersection
U+02AE3\dashVDouble Vertical Bar Left Turnstile
U+02AE4\DashvVertical Bar Double Left Turnstile
U+02AEA\Top, \downvDashDouble Down Tack
U+02AEB\upvDash, \Bot, \indepDouble Up Tack
U+02AF4\interleaveTriple Vertical Bar Binary Relation
U+02AF6\tdcolTriple Colon Operator
U+02AF7\lllnestTriple Nested Less-Than
U+02AF8\gggnestTriple Nested Greater-Than
U+02AF9\leqqslantDouble-Line Slanted Less-Than Or Equal To
U+02AFA\geqqslantDouble-Line Slanted Greater-Than Or Equal To
U+02B05\:arrow_left:Leftwards Black Arrow
U+02B06\:arrow_up:Upwards Black Arrow
U+02B07\:arrow_down:Downwards Black Arrow
U+02B12\squaretopblackSquare With Top Half Black
U+02B13\squarebotblackSquare With Bottom Half Black
U+02B14\squareurblackSquare With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black
U+02B15\squarellblackSquare With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black
U+02B16\diamondleftblackDiamond With Left Half Black
U+02B17\diamondrightblackDiamond With Right Half Black
U+02B18\diamondtopblackDiamond With Top Half Black
U+02B19\diamondbotblackDiamond With Bottom Half Black
U+02B1A\dottedsquareDotted Square
U+02B1B\lgblksquare, \:black_large_square:Black Large Square
U+02B1C\lgwhtsquare, \:white_large_square:White Large Square
U+02B1D\vysmblksquareBlack Very Small Square
U+02B1E\vysmwhtsquareWhite Very Small Square
U+02B1F\pentagonblackBlack Pentagon
U+02B20\pentagonWhite Pentagon
U+02B21\varhexagonWhite Hexagon
U+02B22\varhexagonblackBlack Hexagon
U+02B23\hexagonblackHorizontal Black Hexagon
U+02B24\lgblkcircleBlack Large Circle
U+02B25\mdblkdiamondBlack Medium Diamond
U+02B26\mdwhtdiamondWhite Medium Diamond
U+02B27\mdblklozengeBlack Medium Lozenge
U+02B28\mdwhtlozengeWhite Medium Lozenge
U+02B29\smblkdiamondBlack Small Diamond
U+02B2A\smblklozengeBlack Small Lozenge
U+02B2B\smwhtlozengeWhite Small Lozenge
U+02B2C\blkhorzovalBlack Horizontal Ellipse
U+02B2D\whthorzovalWhite Horizontal Ellipse
U+02B2E\blkvertovalBlack Vertical Ellipse
U+02B2F\whtvertovalWhite Vertical Ellipse
U+02B30\circleonleftarrowLeft Arrow With Small Circle
U+02B31\leftthreearrowsThree Leftwards Arrows
U+02B32\leftarrowonoplusLeft Arrow With Circled Plus
U+02B33\longleftsquigarrowLong Leftwards Squiggle Arrow
U+02B34\nvtwoheadleftarrowLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02B35\nVtwoheadleftarrowLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B36\twoheadmapsfromLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow From Bar
U+02B37\twoheadleftdbkarrowLeftwards Two-Headed Triple Dash Arrow
U+02B38\leftdotarrowLeftwards Arrow With Dotted Stem
U+02B39\nvleftarrowtailLeftwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02B3A\nVleftarrowtailLeftwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B3B\twoheadleftarrowtailLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail
U+02B3C\nvtwoheadleftarrowtailLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02B3D\nVtwoheadleftarrowtailLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B3E\leftarrowxLeftwards Arrow Through X
U+02B3F⬿\leftcurvedarrowWave Arrow Pointing Directly Left
U+02B40\equalleftarrowEquals Sign Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B41\bsimilarleftarrowReverse Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B42\leftarrowbackapproxLeftwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
U+02B43\rightarrowgtrRightwards Arrow Through Greater-Than
U+02B44\rightarrowsupsetRightwards Arrow Through Superset
U+02B45\LLeftarrowLeftwards Quadruple Arrow
U+02B46\RRightarrowRightwards Quadruple Arrow
U+02B47\bsimilarrightarrowReverse Tilde Operator Above Rightwards Arrow
U+02B48\rightarrowbackapproxRightwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
U+02B49\similarleftarrowTilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B4A\leftarrowapproxLeftwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To
U+02B4B\leftarrowbsimilarLeftwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
U+02B4C\rightarrowbsimilarRightwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
U+02B50\medwhitestar, \:star:White Medium Star
U+02B51\medblackstarBlack Small Star
U+02B52\smwhitestarWhite Small Star
U+02B53\rightpentagonblackBlack Right-Pointing Pentagon
U+02B54\rightpentagonWhite Right-Pointing Pentagon
U+02B55\:o:Heavy Large Circle
U+02C7C\_jLatin Subscript Small Letter J
U+02C7D\^VModifier Letter Capital V
U+03012\postalmarkPostal Mark
U+03030\:wavy_dash:Wavy Dash
U+0303D\:part_alternation_mark:Part Alternation Mark
U+03297\:congratulations:Circled Ideograph Congratulation
U+03299\:secret:Circled Ideograph Secret
U+0A71B\^uparrowModifier Letter Raised Up Arrow
U+0A71C\^downarrowModifier Letter Raised Down Arrow
U+0A71D\^!Modifier Letter Raised Exclamation Mark
U+1D400𝐀\bfAMathematical Bold Capital A
U+1D401𝐁\bfBMathematical Bold Capital B
U+1D402𝐂\bfCMathematical Bold Capital C
U+1D403𝐃\bfDMathematical Bold Capital D
U+1D404𝐄\bfEMathematical Bold Capital E
U+1D405𝐅\bfFMathematical Bold Capital F
U+1D406𝐆\bfGMathematical Bold Capital G
U+1D407𝐇\bfHMathematical Bold Capital H
U+1D408𝐈\bfIMathematical Bold Capital I
U+1D409𝐉\bfJMathematical Bold Capital J
U+1D40A𝐊\bfKMathematical Bold Capital K
U+1D40B𝐋\bfLMathematical Bold Capital L
U+1D40C𝐌\bfMMathematical Bold Capital M
U+1D40D𝐍\bfNMathematical Bold Capital N
U+1D40E𝐎\bfOMathematical Bold Capital O
U+1D40F𝐏\bfPMathematical Bold Capital P
U+1D410𝐐\bfQMathematical Bold Capital Q
U+1D411𝐑\bfRMathematical Bold Capital R
U+1D412𝐒\bfSMathematical Bold Capital S
U+1D413𝐓\bfTMathematical Bold Capital T
U+1D414𝐔\bfUMathematical Bold Capital U
U+1D415𝐕\bfVMathematical Bold Capital V
U+1D416𝐖\bfWMathematical Bold Capital W
U+1D417𝐗\bfXMathematical Bold Capital X
U+1D418𝐘\bfYMathematical Bold Capital Y
U+1D419𝐙\bfZMathematical Bold Capital Z
U+1D41A𝐚\bfaMathematical Bold Small A
U+1D41B𝐛\bfbMathematical Bold Small B
U+1D41C𝐜\bfcMathematical Bold Small C
U+1D41D𝐝\bfdMathematical Bold Small D
U+1D41E𝐞\bfeMathematical Bold Small E
U+1D41F𝐟\bffMathematical Bold Small F
U+1D420𝐠\bfgMathematical Bold Small G
U+1D421𝐡\bfhMathematical Bold Small H
U+1D422𝐢\bfiMathematical Bold Small I
U+1D423𝐣\bfjMathematical Bold Small J
U+1D424𝐤\bfkMathematical Bold Small K
U+1D425𝐥\bflMathematical Bold Small L
U+1D426𝐦\bfmMathematical Bold Small M
U+1D427𝐧\bfnMathematical Bold Small N
U+1D428𝐨\bfoMathematical Bold Small O
U+1D429𝐩\bfpMathematical Bold Small P
U+1D42A𝐪\bfqMathematical Bold Small Q
U+1D42B𝐫\bfrMathematical Bold Small R
U+1D42C𝐬\bfsMathematical Bold Small S
U+1D42D𝐭\bftMathematical Bold Small T
U+1D42E𝐮\bfuMathematical Bold Small U
U+1D42F𝐯\bfvMathematical Bold Small V
U+1D430𝐰\bfwMathematical Bold Small W
U+1D431𝐱\bfxMathematical Bold Small X
U+1D432𝐲\bfyMathematical Bold Small Y
U+1D433𝐳\bfzMathematical Bold Small Z
U+1D434𝐴\itAMathematical Italic Capital A
U+1D435𝐵\itBMathematical Italic Capital B
U+1D436𝐶\itCMathematical Italic Capital C
U+1D437𝐷\itDMathematical Italic Capital D
U+1D438𝐸\itEMathematical Italic Capital E
U+1D439𝐹\itFMathematical Italic Capital F
U+1D43A𝐺\itGMathematical Italic Capital G
U+1D43B𝐻\itHMathematical Italic Capital H
U+1D43C𝐼\itIMathematical Italic Capital I
U+1D43D𝐽\itJMathematical Italic Capital J
U+1D43E𝐾\itKMathematical Italic Capital K
U+1D43F𝐿\itLMathematical Italic Capital L
U+1D440𝑀\itMMathematical Italic Capital M
U+1D441𝑁\itNMathematical Italic Capital N
U+1D442𝑂\itOMathematical Italic Capital O
U+1D443𝑃\itPMathematical Italic Capital P
U+1D444𝑄\itQMathematical Italic Capital Q
U+1D445𝑅\itRMathematical Italic Capital R
U+1D446𝑆\itSMathematical Italic Capital S
U+1D447𝑇\itTMathematical Italic Capital T
U+1D448𝑈\itUMathematical Italic Capital U
U+1D449𝑉\itVMathematical Italic Capital V
U+1D44A𝑊\itWMathematical Italic Capital W
U+1D44B𝑋\itXMathematical Italic Capital X
U+1D44C𝑌\itYMathematical Italic Capital Y
U+1D44D𝑍\itZMathematical Italic Capital Z
U+1D44E𝑎\itaMathematical Italic Small A
U+1D44F𝑏\itbMathematical Italic Small B
U+1D450𝑐\itcMathematical Italic Small C
U+1D451𝑑\itdMathematical Italic Small D
U+1D452𝑒\iteMathematical Italic Small E
U+1D453𝑓\itfMathematical Italic Small F
U+1D454𝑔\itgMathematical Italic Small G
U+1D456𝑖\itiMathematical Italic Small I
U+1D457𝑗\itjMathematical Italic Small J
U+1D458𝑘\itkMathematical Italic Small K
U+1D459𝑙\itlMathematical Italic Small L
U+1D45A𝑚\itmMathematical Italic Small M
U+1D45B𝑛\itnMathematical Italic Small N
U+1D45C𝑜\itoMathematical Italic Small O
U+1D45D𝑝\itpMathematical Italic Small P
U+1D45E𝑞\itqMathematical Italic Small Q
U+1D45F𝑟\itrMathematical Italic Small R
U+1D460𝑠\itsMathematical Italic Small S
U+1D461𝑡\ittMathematical Italic Small T
U+1D462𝑢\ituMathematical Italic Small U
U+1D463𝑣\itvMathematical Italic Small V
U+1D464𝑤\itwMathematical Italic Small W
U+1D465𝑥\itxMathematical Italic Small X
U+1D466𝑦\ityMathematical Italic Small Y
U+1D467𝑧\itzMathematical Italic Small Z
U+1D468𝑨\biAMathematical Bold Italic Capital A
U+1D469𝑩\biBMathematical Bold Italic Capital B
U+1D46A𝑪\biCMathematical Bold Italic Capital C
U+1D46B𝑫\biDMathematical Bold Italic Capital D
U+1D46C𝑬\biEMathematical Bold Italic Capital E
U+1D46D𝑭\biFMathematical Bold Italic Capital F
U+1D46E𝑮\biGMathematical Bold Italic Capital G
U+1D46F𝑯\biHMathematical Bold Italic Capital H
U+1D470𝑰\biIMathematical Bold Italic Capital I
U+1D471𝑱\biJMathematical Bold Italic Capital J
U+1D472𝑲\biKMathematical Bold Italic Capital K
U+1D473𝑳\biLMathematical Bold Italic Capital L
U+1D474𝑴\biMMathematical Bold Italic Capital M
U+1D475𝑵\biNMathematical Bold Italic Capital N
U+1D476𝑶\biOMathematical Bold Italic Capital O
U+1D477𝑷\biPMathematical Bold Italic Capital P
U+1D478𝑸\biQMathematical Bold Italic Capital Q
U+1D479𝑹\biRMathematical Bold Italic Capital R
U+1D47A𝑺\biSMathematical Bold Italic Capital S
U+1D47B𝑻\biTMathematical Bold Italic Capital T
U+1D47C𝑼\biUMathematical Bold Italic Capital U
U+1D47D𝑽\biVMathematical Bold Italic Capital V
U+1D47E𝑾\biWMathematical Bold Italic Capital W
U+1D47F𝑿\biXMathematical Bold Italic Capital X
U+1D480𝒀\biYMathematical Bold Italic Capital Y
U+1D481𝒁\biZMathematical Bold Italic Capital Z
U+1D482𝒂\biaMathematical Bold Italic Small A
U+1D483𝒃\bibMathematical Bold Italic Small B
U+1D484𝒄\bicMathematical Bold Italic Small C
U+1D485𝒅\bidMathematical Bold Italic Small D
U+1D486𝒆\bieMathematical Bold Italic Small E
U+1D487𝒇\bifMathematical Bold Italic Small F
U+1D488𝒈\bigMathematical Bold Italic Small G
U+1D489𝒉\bihMathematical Bold Italic Small H
U+1D48A𝒊\biiMathematical Bold Italic Small I
U+1D48B𝒋\bijMathematical Bold Italic Small J
U+1D48C𝒌\bikMathematical Bold Italic Small K
U+1D48D𝒍\bilMathematical Bold Italic Small L
U+1D48E𝒎\bimMathematical Bold Italic Small M
U+1D48F𝒏\binMathematical Bold Italic Small N
U+1D490𝒐\bioMathematical Bold Italic Small O
U+1D491𝒑\bipMathematical Bold Italic Small P
U+1D492𝒒\biqMathematical Bold Italic Small Q
U+1D493𝒓\birMathematical Bold Italic Small R
U+1D494𝒔\bisMathematical Bold Italic Small S
U+1D495𝒕\bitMathematical Bold Italic Small T
U+1D496𝒖\biuMathematical Bold Italic Small U
U+1D497𝒗\bivMathematical Bold Italic Small V
U+1D498𝒘\biwMathematical Bold Italic Small W
U+1D499𝒙\bixMathematical Bold Italic Small X
U+1D49A𝒚\biyMathematical Bold Italic Small Y
U+1D49B𝒛\bizMathematical Bold Italic Small Z
U+1D49C𝒜\scrAMathematical Script Capital A
U+1D49E𝒞\scrCMathematical Script Capital C
U+1D49F𝒟\scrDMathematical Script Capital D
U+1D4A2𝒢\scrGMathematical Script Capital G
U+1D4A5𝒥\scrJMathematical Script Capital J
U+1D4A6𝒦\scrKMathematical Script Capital K
U+1D4A9𝒩\scrNMathematical Script Capital N
U+1D4AA𝒪\scrOMathematical Script Capital O
U+1D4AB𝒫\scrPMathematical Script Capital P
U+1D4AC𝒬\scrQMathematical Script Capital Q
U+1D4AE𝒮\scrSMathematical Script Capital S
U+1D4AF𝒯\scrTMathematical Script Capital T
U+1D4B0𝒰\scrUMathematical Script Capital U
U+1D4B1𝒱\scrVMathematical Script Capital V
U+1D4B2𝒲\scrWMathematical Script Capital W
U+1D4B3𝒳\scrXMathematical Script Capital X
U+1D4B4𝒴\scrYMathematical Script Capital Y
U+1D4B5𝒵\scrZMathematical Script Capital Z
U+1D4B6𝒶\scraMathematical Script Small A
U+1D4B7𝒷\scrbMathematical Script Small B
U+1D4B8𝒸\scrcMathematical Script Small C
U+1D4B9𝒹\scrdMathematical Script Small D
U+1D4BB𝒻\scrfMathematical Script Small F
U+1D4BD𝒽\scrhMathematical Script Small H
U+1D4BE𝒾\scriMathematical Script Small I
U+1D4BF𝒿\scrjMathematical Script Small J
U+1D4C0𝓀\scrkMathematical Script Small K
U+1D4C1𝓁\scrlMathematical Script Small L
U+1D4C2𝓂\scrmMathematical Script Small M
U+1D4C3𝓃\scrnMathematical Script Small N
U+1D4C5𝓅\scrpMathematical Script Small P
U+1D4C6𝓆\scrqMathematical Script Small Q
U+1D4C7𝓇\scrrMathematical Script Small R
U+1D4C8𝓈\scrsMathematical Script Small S
U+1D4C9𝓉\scrtMathematical Script Small T
U+1D4CA𝓊\scruMathematical Script Small U
U+1D4CB𝓋\scrvMathematical Script Small V
U+1D4CC𝓌\scrwMathematical Script Small W
U+1D4CD𝓍\scrxMathematical Script Small X
U+1D4CE𝓎\scryMathematical Script Small Y
U+1D4CF𝓏\scrzMathematical Script Small Z
U+1D4D0𝓐\bscrAMathematical Bold Script Capital A
U+1D4D1𝓑\bscrBMathematical Bold Script Capital B
U+1D4D2𝓒\bscrCMathematical Bold Script Capital C
U+1D4D3𝓓\bscrDMathematical Bold Script Capital D
U+1D4D4𝓔\bscrEMathematical Bold Script Capital E
U+1D4D5𝓕\bscrFMathematical Bold Script Capital F
U+1D4D6𝓖\bscrGMathematical Bold Script Capital G
U+1D4D7𝓗\bscrHMathematical Bold Script Capital H
U+1D4D8𝓘\bscrIMathematical Bold Script Capital I
U+1D4D9𝓙\bscrJMathematical Bold Script Capital J
U+1D4DA𝓚\bscrKMathematical Bold Script Capital K
U+1D4DB𝓛\bscrLMathematical Bold Script Capital L
U+1D4DC𝓜\bscrMMathematical Bold Script Capital M
U+1D4DD𝓝\bscrNMathematical Bold Script Capital N
U+1D4DE𝓞\bscrOMathematical Bold Script Capital O
U+1D4DF𝓟\bscrPMathematical Bold Script Capital P
U+1D4E0𝓠\bscrQMathematical Bold Script Capital Q
U+1D4E1𝓡\bscrRMathematical Bold Script Capital R
U+1D4E2𝓢\bscrSMathematical Bold Script Capital S
U+1D4E3𝓣\bscrTMathematical Bold Script Capital T
U+1D4E4𝓤\bscrUMathematical Bold Script Capital U
U+1D4E5𝓥\bscrVMathematical Bold Script Capital V
U+1D4E6𝓦\bscrWMathematical Bold Script Capital W
U+1D4E7𝓧\bscrXMathematical Bold Script Capital X
U+1D4E8𝓨\bscrYMathematical Bold Script Capital Y
U+1D4E9𝓩\bscrZMathematical Bold Script Capital Z
U+1D4EA𝓪\bscraMathematical Bold Script Small A
U+1D4EB𝓫\bscrbMathematical Bold Script Small B
U+1D4EC𝓬\bscrcMathematical Bold Script Small C
U+1D4ED𝓭\bscrdMathematical Bold Script Small D
U+1D4EE𝓮\bscreMathematical Bold Script Small E
U+1D4EF𝓯\bscrfMathematical Bold Script Small F
U+1D4F0𝓰\bscrgMathematical Bold Script Small G
U+1D4F1𝓱\bscrhMathematical Bold Script Small H
U+1D4F2𝓲\bscriMathematical Bold Script Small I
U+1D4F3𝓳\bscrjMathematical Bold Script Small J
U+1D4F4𝓴\bscrkMathematical Bold Script Small K
U+1D4F5𝓵\bscrlMathematical Bold Script Small L
U+1D4F6𝓶\bscrmMathematical Bold Script Small M
U+1D4F7𝓷\bscrnMathematical Bold Script Small N
U+1D4F8𝓸\bscroMathematical Bold Script Small O
U+1D4F9𝓹\bscrpMathematical Bold Script Small P
U+1D4FA𝓺\bscrqMathematical Bold Script Small Q
U+1D4FB𝓻\bscrrMathematical Bold Script Small R
U+1D4FC𝓼\bscrsMathematical Bold Script Small S
U+1D4FD𝓽\bscrtMathematical Bold Script Small T
U+1D4FE𝓾\bscruMathematical Bold Script Small U
U+1D4FF𝓿\bscrvMathematical Bold Script Small V
U+1D500𝔀\bscrwMathematical Bold Script Small W
U+1D501𝔁\bscrxMathematical Bold Script Small X
U+1D502𝔂\bscryMathematical Bold Script Small Y
U+1D503𝔃\bscrzMathematical Bold Script Small Z
U+1D504𝔄\frakAMathematical Fraktur Capital A
U+1D505𝔅\frakBMathematical Fraktur Capital B
U+1D507𝔇\frakDMathematical Fraktur Capital D
U+1D508𝔈\frakEMathematical Fraktur Capital E
U+1D509𝔉\frakFMathematical Fraktur Capital F
U+1D50A𝔊\frakGMathematical Fraktur Capital G
U+1D50D𝔍\frakJMathematical Fraktur Capital J
U+1D50E𝔎\frakKMathematical Fraktur Capital K
U+1D50F𝔏\frakLMathematical Fraktur Capital L
U+1D510𝔐\frakMMathematical Fraktur Capital M
U+1D511𝔑\frakNMathematical Fraktur Capital N
U+1D512𝔒\frakOMathematical Fraktur Capital O
U+1D513𝔓\frakPMathematical Fraktur Capital P
U+1D514𝔔\frakQMathematical Fraktur Capital Q
U+1D516𝔖\frakSMathematical Fraktur Capital S
U+1D517𝔗\frakTMathematical Fraktur Capital T
U+1D518𝔘\frakUMathematical Fraktur Capital U
U+1D519𝔙\frakVMathematical Fraktur Capital V
U+1D51A𝔚\frakWMathematical Fraktur Capital W
U+1D51B𝔛\frakXMathematical Fraktur Capital X
U+1D51C𝔜\frakYMathematical Fraktur Capital Y
U+1D51E𝔞\frakaMathematical Fraktur Small A
U+1D51F𝔟\frakbMathematical Fraktur Small B
U+1D520𝔠\frakcMathematical Fraktur Small C
U+1D521𝔡\frakdMathematical Fraktur Small D
U+1D522𝔢\frakeMathematical Fraktur Small E
U+1D523𝔣\frakfMathematical Fraktur Small F
U+1D524𝔤\frakgMathematical Fraktur Small G
U+1D525𝔥\frakhMathematical Fraktur Small H
U+1D526𝔦\frakiMathematical Fraktur Small I
U+1D527𝔧\frakjMathematical Fraktur Small J
U+1D528𝔨\frakkMathematical Fraktur Small K
U+1D529𝔩\fraklMathematical Fraktur Small L
U+1D52A𝔪\frakmMathematical Fraktur Small M
U+1D52B𝔫\fraknMathematical Fraktur Small N
U+1D52C𝔬\frakoMathematical Fraktur Small O
U+1D52D𝔭\frakpMathematical Fraktur Small P
U+1D52E𝔮\frakqMathematical Fraktur Small Q
U+1D52F𝔯\frakrMathematical Fraktur Small R
U+1D530𝔰\fraksMathematical Fraktur Small S
U+1D531𝔱\fraktMathematical Fraktur Small T
U+1D532𝔲\frakuMathematical Fraktur Small U
U+1D533𝔳\frakvMathematical Fraktur Small V
U+1D534𝔴\frakwMathematical Fraktur Small W
U+1D535𝔵\frakxMathematical Fraktur Small X
U+1D536𝔶\frakyMathematical Fraktur Small Y
U+1D537𝔷\frakzMathematical Fraktur Small Z
U+1D538𝔸\bbAMathematical Double-Struck Capital A
U+1D539𝔹\bbBMathematical Double-Struck Capital B
U+1D53B𝔻\bbDMathematical Double-Struck Capital D
U+1D53C𝔼\bbEMathematical Double-Struck Capital E
U+1D53D𝔽\bbFMathematical Double-Struck Capital F
U+1D53E𝔾\bbGMathematical Double-Struck Capital G
U+1D540𝕀\bbIMathematical Double-Struck Capital I
U+1D541𝕁\bbJMathematical Double-Struck Capital J
U+1D542𝕂\bbKMathematical Double-Struck Capital K
U+1D543𝕃\bbLMathematical Double-Struck Capital L
U+1D544𝕄\bbMMathematical Double-Struck Capital M
U+1D546𝕆\bbOMathematical Double-Struck Capital O
U+1D54A𝕊\bbSMathematical Double-Struck Capital S
U+1D54B𝕋\bbTMathematical Double-Struck Capital T
U+1D54C𝕌\bbUMathematical Double-Struck Capital U
U+1D54D𝕍\bbVMathematical Double-Struck Capital V
U+1D54E𝕎\bbWMathematical Double-Struck Capital W
U+1D54F𝕏\bbXMathematical Double-Struck Capital X
U+1D550𝕐\bbYMathematical Double-Struck Capital Y
U+1D552𝕒\bbaMathematical Double-Struck Small A
U+1D553𝕓\bbbMathematical Double-Struck Small B
U+1D554𝕔\bbcMathematical Double-Struck Small C
U+1D555𝕕\bbdMathematical Double-Struck Small D
U+1D556𝕖\bbeMathematical Double-Struck Small E
U+1D557𝕗\bbfMathematical Double-Struck Small F
U+1D558𝕘\bbgMathematical Double-Struck Small G
U+1D559𝕙\bbhMathematical Double-Struck Small H
U+1D55A𝕚\bbiMathematical Double-Struck Small I
U+1D55B𝕛\bbjMathematical Double-Struck Small J
U+1D55C𝕜\bbkMathematical Double-Struck Small K
U+1D55D𝕝\bblMathematical Double-Struck Small L
U+1D55E𝕞\bbmMathematical Double-Struck Small M
U+1D55F𝕟\bbnMathematical Double-Struck Small N
U+1D560𝕠\bboMathematical Double-Struck Small O
U+1D561𝕡\bbpMathematical Double-Struck Small P
U+1D562𝕢\bbqMathematical Double-Struck Small Q
U+1D563𝕣\bbrMathematical Double-Struck Small R
U+1D564𝕤\bbsMathematical Double-Struck Small S
U+1D565𝕥\bbtMathematical Double-Struck Small T
U+1D566𝕦\bbuMathematical Double-Struck Small U
U+1D567𝕧\bbvMathematical Double-Struck Small V
U+1D568𝕨\bbwMathematical Double-Struck Small W
U+1D569𝕩\bbxMathematical Double-Struck Small X
U+1D56A𝕪\bbyMathematical Double-Struck Small Y
U+1D56B𝕫\bbzMathematical Double-Struck Small Z
U+1D56C𝕬\bfrakAMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital A
U+1D56D𝕭\bfrakBMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital B
U+1D56E𝕮\bfrakCMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital C
U+1D56F𝕯\bfrakDMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital D
U+1D570𝕰\bfrakEMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital E
U+1D571𝕱\bfrakFMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital F
U+1D572𝕲\bfrakGMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital G
U+1D573𝕳\bfrakHMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital H
U+1D574𝕴\bfrakIMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital I
U+1D575𝕵\bfrakJMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital J
U+1D576𝕶\bfrakKMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital K
U+1D577𝕷\bfrakLMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital L
U+1D578𝕸\bfrakMMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital M
U+1D579𝕹\bfrakNMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital N
U+1D57A𝕺\bfrakOMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital O
U+1D57B𝕻\bfrakPMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital P
U+1D57C𝕼\bfrakQMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Q
U+1D57D𝕽\bfrakRMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital R
U+1D57E𝕾\bfrakSMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital S
U+1D57F𝕿\bfrakTMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital T
U+1D580𝖀\bfrakUMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital U
U+1D581𝖁\bfrakVMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital V
U+1D582𝖂\bfrakWMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital W
U+1D583𝖃\bfrakXMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital X
U+1D584𝖄\bfrakYMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Y
U+1D585𝖅\bfrakZMathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Z
U+1D586𝖆\bfrakaMathematical Bold Fraktur Small A
U+1D587𝖇\bfrakbMathematical Bold Fraktur Small B
U+1D588𝖈\bfrakcMathematical Bold Fraktur Small C
U+1D589𝖉\bfrakdMathematical Bold Fraktur Small D
U+1D58A𝖊\bfrakeMathematical Bold Fraktur Small E
U+1D58B𝖋\bfrakfMathematical Bold Fraktur Small F
U+1D58C𝖌\bfrakgMathematical Bold Fraktur Small G
U+1D58D𝖍\bfrakhMathematical Bold Fraktur Small H
U+1D58E𝖎\bfrakiMathematical Bold Fraktur Small I
U+1D58F𝖏\bfrakjMathematical Bold Fraktur Small J
U+1D590𝖐\bfrakkMathematical Bold Fraktur Small K
U+1D591𝖑\bfraklMathematical Bold Fraktur Small L
U+1D592𝖒\bfrakmMathematical Bold Fraktur Small M
U+1D593𝖓\bfraknMathematical Bold Fraktur Small N
U+1D594𝖔\bfrakoMathematical Bold Fraktur Small O
U+1D595𝖕\bfrakpMathematical Bold Fraktur Small P
U+1D596𝖖\bfrakqMathematical Bold Fraktur Small Q
U+1D597𝖗\bfrakrMathematical Bold Fraktur Small R
U+1D598𝖘\bfraksMathematical Bold Fraktur Small S
U+1D599𝖙\bfraktMathematical Bold Fraktur Small T
U+1D59A𝖚\bfrakuMathematical Bold Fraktur Small U
U+1D59B𝖛\bfrakvMathematical Bold Fraktur Small V
U+1D59C𝖜\bfrakwMathematical Bold Fraktur Small W
U+1D59D𝖝\bfrakxMathematical Bold Fraktur Small X
U+1D59E𝖞\bfrakyMathematical Bold Fraktur Small Y
U+1D59F𝖟\bfrakzMathematical Bold Fraktur Small Z
U+1D5A0𝖠\sansAMathematical Sans-Serif Capital A
U+1D5A1𝖡\sansBMathematical Sans-Serif Capital B
U+1D5A2𝖢\sansCMathematical Sans-Serif Capital C
U+1D5A3𝖣\sansDMathematical Sans-Serif Capital D
U+1D5A4𝖤\sansEMathematical Sans-Serif Capital E
U+1D5A5𝖥\sansFMathematical Sans-Serif Capital F
U+1D5A6𝖦\sansGMathematical Sans-Serif Capital G
U+1D5A7𝖧\sansHMathematical Sans-Serif Capital H
U+1D5A8𝖨\sansIMathematical Sans-Serif Capital I
U+1D5A9𝖩\sansJMathematical Sans-Serif Capital J
U+1D5AA𝖪\sansKMathematical Sans-Serif Capital K
U+1D5AB𝖫\sansLMathematical Sans-Serif Capital L
U+1D5AC𝖬\sansMMathematical Sans-Serif Capital M
U+1D5AD𝖭\sansNMathematical Sans-Serif Capital N
U+1D5AE𝖮\sansOMathematical Sans-Serif Capital O
U+1D5AF𝖯\sansPMathematical Sans-Serif Capital P
U+1D5B0𝖰\sansQMathematical Sans-Serif Capital Q
U+1D5B1𝖱\sansRMathematical Sans-Serif Capital R
U+1D5B2𝖲\sansSMathematical Sans-Serif Capital S
U+1D5B3𝖳\sansTMathematical Sans-Serif Capital T
U+1D5B4𝖴\sansUMathematical Sans-Serif Capital U
U+1D5B5𝖵\sansVMathematical Sans-Serif Capital V
U+1D5B6𝖶\sansWMathematical Sans-Serif Capital W
U+1D5B7𝖷\sansXMathematical Sans-Serif Capital X
U+1D5B8𝖸\sansYMathematical Sans-Serif Capital Y
U+1D5B9𝖹\sansZMathematical Sans-Serif Capital Z
U+1D5BA𝖺\sansaMathematical Sans-Serif Small A
U+1D5BB𝖻\sansbMathematical Sans-Serif Small B
U+1D5BC𝖼\sanscMathematical Sans-Serif Small C
U+1D5BD𝖽\sansdMathematical Sans-Serif Small D
U+1D5BE𝖾\sanseMathematical Sans-Serif Small E
U+1D5BF𝖿\sansfMathematical Sans-Serif Small F
U+1D5C0𝗀\sansgMathematical Sans-Serif Small G
U+1D5C1𝗁\sanshMathematical Sans-Serif Small H
U+1D5C2𝗂\sansiMathematical Sans-Serif Small I
U+1D5C3𝗃\sansjMathematical Sans-Serif Small J
U+1D5C4𝗄\sanskMathematical Sans-Serif Small K
U+1D5C5𝗅\sanslMathematical Sans-Serif Small L
U+1D5C6𝗆\sansmMathematical Sans-Serif Small M
U+1D5C7𝗇\sansnMathematical Sans-Serif Small N
U+1D5C8𝗈\sansoMathematical Sans-Serif Small O
U+1D5C9𝗉\sanspMathematical Sans-Serif Small P
U+1D5CA𝗊\sansqMathematical Sans-Serif Small Q
U+1D5CB𝗋\sansrMathematical Sans-Serif Small R
U+1D5CC𝗌\sanssMathematical Sans-Serif Small S
U+1D5CD𝗍\sanstMathematical Sans-Serif Small T
U+1D5CE𝗎\sansuMathematical Sans-Serif Small U
U+1D5CF𝗏\sansvMathematical Sans-Serif Small V
U+1D5D0𝗐\sanswMathematical Sans-Serif Small W
U+1D5D1𝗑\sansxMathematical Sans-Serif Small X
U+1D5D2𝗒\sansyMathematical Sans-Serif Small Y
U+1D5D3𝗓\sanszMathematical Sans-Serif Small Z
U+1D5D4𝗔\bsansAMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital A
U+1D5D5𝗕\bsansBMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital B
U+1D5D6𝗖\bsansCMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital C
U+1D5D7𝗗\bsansDMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital D
U+1D5D8𝗘\bsansEMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital E
U+1D5D9𝗙\bsansFMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital F
U+1D5DA𝗚\bsansGMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital G
U+1D5DB𝗛\bsansHMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital H
U+1D5DC𝗜\bsansIMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital I
U+1D5DD𝗝\bsansJMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital J
U+1D5DE𝗞\bsansKMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital K
U+1D5DF𝗟\bsansLMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital L
U+1D5E0𝗠\bsansMMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital M
U+1D5E1𝗡\bsansNMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital N
U+1D5E2𝗢\bsansOMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital O
U+1D5E3𝗣\bsansPMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital P
U+1D5E4𝗤\bsansQMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Q
U+1D5E5𝗥\bsansRMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital R
U+1D5E6𝗦\bsansSMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital S
U+1D5E7𝗧\bsansTMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital T
U+1D5E8𝗨\bsansUMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital U
U+1D5E9𝗩\bsansVMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital V
U+1D5EA𝗪\bsansWMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital W
U+1D5EB𝗫\bsansXMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital X
U+1D5EC𝗬\bsansYMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Y
U+1D5ED𝗭\bsansZMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Z
U+1D5EE𝗮\bsansaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small A
U+1D5EF𝗯\bsansbMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small B
U+1D5F0𝗰\bsanscMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small C
U+1D5F1𝗱\bsansdMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small D
U+1D5F2𝗲\bsanseMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small E
U+1D5F3𝗳\bsansfMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small F
U+1D5F4𝗴\bsansgMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small G
U+1D5F5𝗵\bsanshMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small H
U+1D5F6𝗶\bsansiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small I
U+1D5F7𝗷\bsansjMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small J
U+1D5F8𝗸\bsanskMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small K
U+1D5F9𝗹\bsanslMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small L
U+1D5FA𝗺\bsansmMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small M
U+1D5FB𝗻\bsansnMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small N
U+1D5FC𝗼\bsansoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small O
U+1D5FD𝗽\bsanspMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small P
U+1D5FE𝗾\bsansqMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Q
U+1D5FF𝗿\bsansrMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small R
U+1D600𝘀\bsanssMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small S
U+1D601𝘁\bsanstMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small T
U+1D602𝘂\bsansuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small U
U+1D603𝘃\bsansvMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small V
U+1D604𝘄\bsanswMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small W
U+1D605𝘅\bsansxMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small X
U+1D606𝘆\bsansyMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Y
U+1D607𝘇\bsanszMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Z
U+1D608𝘈\isansAMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital A
U+1D609𝘉\isansBMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital B
U+1D60A𝘊\isansCMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital C
U+1D60B𝘋\isansDMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital D
U+1D60C𝘌\isansEMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital E
U+1D60D𝘍\isansFMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital F
U+1D60E𝘎\isansGMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital G
U+1D60F𝘏\isansHMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital H
U+1D610𝘐\isansIMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital I
U+1D611𝘑\isansJMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital J
U+1D612𝘒\isansKMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital K
U+1D613𝘓\isansLMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital L
U+1D614𝘔\isansMMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital M
U+1D615𝘕\isansNMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital N
U+1D616𝘖\isansOMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital O
U+1D617𝘗\isansPMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital P
U+1D618𝘘\isansQMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital Q
U+1D619𝘙\isansRMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital R
U+1D61A𝘚\isansSMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital S
U+1D61B𝘛\isansTMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital T
U+1D61C𝘜\isansUMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital U
U+1D61D𝘝\isansVMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital V
U+1D61E𝘞\isansWMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital W
U+1D61F𝘟\isansXMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital X
U+1D620𝘠\isansYMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital Y
U+1D621𝘡\isansZMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital Z
U+1D622𝘢\isansaMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small A
U+1D623𝘣\isansbMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small B
U+1D624𝘤\isanscMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small C
U+1D625𝘥\isansdMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small D
U+1D626𝘦\isanseMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small E
U+1D627𝘧\isansfMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small F
U+1D628𝘨\isansgMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small G
U+1D629𝘩\isanshMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small H
U+1D62A𝘪\isansiMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small I
U+1D62B𝘫\isansjMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small J
U+1D62C𝘬\isanskMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small K
U+1D62D𝘭\isanslMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small L
U+1D62E𝘮\isansmMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small M
U+1D62F𝘯\isansnMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small N
U+1D630𝘰\isansoMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small O
U+1D631𝘱\isanspMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small P
U+1D632𝘲\isansqMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small Q
U+1D633𝘳\isansrMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small R
U+1D634𝘴\isanssMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small S
U+1D635𝘵\isanstMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small T
U+1D636𝘶\isansuMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small U
U+1D637𝘷\isansvMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small V
U+1D638𝘸\isanswMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small W
U+1D639𝘹\isansxMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small X
U+1D63A𝘺\isansyMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small Y
U+1D63B𝘻\isanszMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small Z
U+1D63C𝘼\bisansAMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital A
U+1D63D𝘽\bisansBMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital B
U+1D63E𝘾\bisansCMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital C
U+1D63F𝘿\bisansDMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital D
U+1D640𝙀\bisansEMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital E
U+1D641𝙁\bisansFMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital F
U+1D642𝙂\bisansGMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital G
U+1D643𝙃\bisansHMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital H
U+1D644𝙄\bisansIMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital I
U+1D645𝙅\bisansJMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital J
U+1D646𝙆\bisansKMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital K
U+1D647𝙇\bisansLMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital L
U+1D648𝙈\bisansMMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital M
U+1D649𝙉\bisansNMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital N
U+1D64A𝙊\bisansOMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital O
U+1D64B𝙋\bisansPMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital P
U+1D64C𝙌\bisansQMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Q
U+1D64D𝙍\bisansRMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital R
U+1D64E𝙎\bisansSMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital S
U+1D64F𝙏\bisansTMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital T
U+1D650𝙐\bisansUMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital U
U+1D651𝙑\bisansVMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital V
U+1D652𝙒\bisansWMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital W
U+1D653𝙓\bisansXMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital X
U+1D654𝙔\bisansYMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Y
U+1D655𝙕\bisansZMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Z
U+1D656𝙖\bisansaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small A
U+1D657𝙗\bisansbMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small B
U+1D658𝙘\bisanscMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small C
U+1D659𝙙\bisansdMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small D
U+1D65A𝙚\bisanseMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small E
U+1D65B𝙛\bisansfMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small F
U+1D65C𝙜\bisansgMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small G
U+1D65D𝙝\bisanshMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small H
U+1D65E𝙞\bisansiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small I
U+1D65F𝙟\bisansjMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small J
U+1D660𝙠\bisanskMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small K
U+1D661𝙡\bisanslMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small L
U+1D662𝙢\bisansmMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small M
U+1D663𝙣\bisansnMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small N
U+1D664𝙤\bisansoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small O
U+1D665𝙥\bisanspMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small P
U+1D666𝙦\bisansqMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Q
U+1D667𝙧\bisansrMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small R
U+1D668𝙨\bisanssMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small S
U+1D669𝙩\bisanstMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small T
U+1D66A𝙪\bisansuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small U
U+1D66B𝙫\bisansvMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small V
U+1D66C𝙬\bisanswMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small W
U+1D66D𝙭\bisansxMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small X
U+1D66E𝙮\bisansyMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Y
U+1D66F𝙯\bisanszMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Z
U+1D670𝙰\ttAMathematical Monospace Capital A
U+1D671𝙱\ttBMathematical Monospace Capital B
U+1D672𝙲\ttCMathematical Monospace Capital C
U+1D673𝙳\ttDMathematical Monospace Capital D
U+1D674𝙴\ttEMathematical Monospace Capital E
U+1D675𝙵\ttFMathematical Monospace Capital F
U+1D676𝙶\ttGMathematical Monospace Capital G
U+1D677𝙷\ttHMathematical Monospace Capital H
U+1D678𝙸\ttIMathematical Monospace Capital I
U+1D679𝙹\ttJMathematical Monospace Capital J
U+1D67A𝙺\ttKMathematical Monospace Capital K
U+1D67B𝙻\ttLMathematical Monospace Capital L
U+1D67C𝙼\ttMMathematical Monospace Capital M
U+1D67D𝙽\ttNMathematical Monospace Capital N
U+1D67E𝙾\ttOMathematical Monospace Capital O
U+1D67F𝙿\ttPMathematical Monospace Capital P
U+1D680𝚀\ttQMathematical Monospace Capital Q
U+1D681𝚁\ttRMathematical Monospace Capital R
U+1D682𝚂\ttSMathematical Monospace Capital S
U+1D683𝚃\ttTMathematical Monospace Capital T
U+1D684𝚄\ttUMathematical Monospace Capital U
U+1D685𝚅\ttVMathematical Monospace Capital V
U+1D686𝚆\ttWMathematical Monospace Capital W
U+1D687𝚇\ttXMathematical Monospace Capital X
U+1D688𝚈\ttYMathematical Monospace Capital Y
U+1D689𝚉\ttZMathematical Monospace Capital Z
U+1D68A𝚊\ttaMathematical Monospace Small A
U+1D68B𝚋\ttbMathematical Monospace Small B
U+1D68C𝚌\ttcMathematical Monospace Small C
U+1D68D𝚍\ttdMathematical Monospace Small D
U+1D68E𝚎\tteMathematical Monospace Small E
U+1D68F𝚏\ttfMathematical Monospace Small F
U+1D690𝚐\ttgMathematical Monospace Small G
U+1D691𝚑\tthMathematical Monospace Small H
U+1D692𝚒\ttiMathematical Monospace Small I
U+1D693𝚓\ttjMathematical Monospace Small J
U+1D694𝚔\ttkMathematical Monospace Small K
U+1D695𝚕\ttlMathematical Monospace Small L
U+1D696𝚖\ttmMathematical Monospace Small M
U+1D697𝚗\ttnMathematical Monospace Small N
U+1D698𝚘\ttoMathematical Monospace Small O
U+1D699𝚙\ttpMathematical Monospace Small P
U+1D69A𝚚\ttqMathematical Monospace Small Q
U+1D69B𝚛\ttrMathematical Monospace Small R
U+1D69C𝚜\ttsMathematical Monospace Small S
U+1D69D𝚝\tttMathematical Monospace Small T
U+1D69E𝚞\ttuMathematical Monospace Small U
U+1D69F𝚟\ttvMathematical Monospace Small V
U+1D6A0𝚠\ttwMathematical Monospace Small W
U+1D6A1𝚡\ttxMathematical Monospace Small X
U+1D6A2𝚢\ttyMathematical Monospace Small Y
U+1D6A3𝚣\ttzMathematical Monospace Small Z
U+1D6A4𝚤\itimathMathematical Italic Small Dotless I
U+1D6A5𝚥\itjmathMathematical Italic Small Dotless J
U+1D6A8𝚨\bfAlphaMathematical Bold Capital Alpha
U+1D6A9𝚩\bfBetaMathematical Bold Capital Beta
U+1D6AA𝚪\bfGammaMathematical Bold Capital Gamma
U+1D6AB𝚫\bfDeltaMathematical Bold Capital Delta
U+1D6AC𝚬\bfEpsilonMathematical Bold Capital Epsilon
U+1D6AD𝚭\bfZetaMathematical Bold Capital Zeta
U+1D6AE𝚮\bfEtaMathematical Bold Capital Eta
U+1D6AF𝚯\bfThetaMathematical Bold Capital Theta
U+1D6B0𝚰\bfIotaMathematical Bold Capital Iota
U+1D6B1𝚱\bfKappaMathematical Bold Capital Kappa
U+1D6B2𝚲\bfLambdaMathematical Bold Capital Lamda
U+1D6B3𝚳\bfMuMathematical Bold Capital Mu
U+1D6B4𝚴\bfNuMathematical Bold Capital Nu
U+1D6B5𝚵\bfXiMathematical Bold Capital Xi
U+1D6B6𝚶\bfOmicronMathematical Bold Capital Omicron
U+1D6B7𝚷\bfPiMathematical Bold Capital Pi
U+1D6B8𝚸\bfRhoMathematical Bold Capital Rho
U+1D6B9𝚹\bfvarThetaMathematical Bold Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D6BA𝚺\bfSigmaMathematical Bold Capital Sigma
U+1D6BB𝚻\bfTauMathematical Bold Capital Tau
U+1D6BC𝚼\bfUpsilonMathematical Bold Capital Upsilon
U+1D6BD𝚽\bfPhiMathematical Bold Capital Phi
U+1D6BE𝚾\bfChiMathematical Bold Capital Chi
U+1D6BF𝚿\bfPsiMathematical Bold Capital Psi
U+1D6C0𝛀\bfOmegaMathematical Bold Capital Omega
U+1D6C1𝛁\bfnablaMathematical Bold Nabla
U+1D6C2𝛂\bfalphaMathematical Bold Small Alpha
U+1D6C3𝛃\bfbetaMathematical Bold Small Beta
U+1D6C4𝛄\bfgammaMathematical Bold Small Gamma
U+1D6C5𝛅\bfdeltaMathematical Bold Small Delta
U+1D6C6𝛆\bfvarepsilonMathematical Bold Small Epsilon
U+1D6C7𝛇\bfzetaMathematical Bold Small Zeta
U+1D6C8𝛈\bfetaMathematical Bold Small Eta
U+1D6C9𝛉\bfthetaMathematical Bold Small Theta
U+1D6CA𝛊\bfiotaMathematical Bold Small Iota
U+1D6CB𝛋\bfkappaMathematical Bold Small Kappa
U+1D6CC𝛌\bflambdaMathematical Bold Small Lamda
U+1D6CD𝛍\bfmuMathematical Bold Small Mu
U+1D6CE𝛎\bfnuMathematical Bold Small Nu
U+1D6CF𝛏\bfxiMathematical Bold Small Xi
U+1D6D0𝛐\bfomicronMathematical Bold Small Omicron
U+1D6D1𝛑\bfpiMathematical Bold Small Pi
U+1D6D2𝛒\bfrhoMathematical Bold Small Rho
U+1D6D3𝛓\bfvarsigmaMathematical Bold Small Final Sigma
U+1D6D4𝛔\bfsigmaMathematical Bold Small Sigma
U+1D6D5𝛕\bftauMathematical Bold Small Tau
U+1D6D6𝛖\bfupsilonMathematical Bold Small Upsilon
U+1D6D7𝛗\bfvarphiMathematical Bold Small Phi
U+1D6D8𝛘\bfchiMathematical Bold Small Chi
U+1D6D9𝛙\bfpsiMathematical Bold Small Psi
U+1D6DA𝛚\bfomegaMathematical Bold Small Omega
U+1D6DB𝛛\bfpartialMathematical Bold Partial Differential
U+1D6DC𝛜\bfepsilonMathematical Bold Epsilon Symbol
U+1D6DD𝛝\bfvarthetaMathematical Bold Theta Symbol
U+1D6DE𝛞\bfvarkappaMathematical Bold Kappa Symbol
U+1D6DF𝛟\bfphiMathematical Bold Phi Symbol
U+1D6E0𝛠\bfvarrhoMathematical Bold Rho Symbol
U+1D6E1𝛡\bfvarpiMathematical Bold Pi Symbol
U+1D6E2𝛢\itAlphaMathematical Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D6E3𝛣\itBetaMathematical Italic Capital Beta
U+1D6E4𝛤\itGammaMathematical Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D6E5𝛥\itDeltaMathematical Italic Capital Delta
U+1D6E6𝛦\itEpsilonMathematical Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D6E7𝛧\itZetaMathematical Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D6E8𝛨\itEtaMathematical Italic Capital Eta
U+1D6E9𝛩\itThetaMathematical Italic Capital Theta
U+1D6EA𝛪\itIotaMathematical Italic Capital Iota
U+1D6EB𝛫\itKappaMathematical Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D6EC𝛬\itLambdaMathematical Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D6ED𝛭\itMuMathematical Italic Capital Mu
U+1D6EE𝛮\itNuMathematical Italic Capital Nu
U+1D6EF𝛯\itXiMathematical Italic Capital Xi
U+1D6F0𝛰\itOmicronMathematical Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D6F1𝛱\itPiMathematical Italic Capital Pi
U+1D6F2𝛲\itRhoMathematical Italic Capital Rho
U+1D6F3𝛳\itvarThetaMathematical Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D6F4𝛴\itSigmaMathematical Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D6F5𝛵\itTauMathematical Italic Capital Tau
U+1D6F6𝛶\itUpsilonMathematical Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D6F7𝛷\itPhiMathematical Italic Capital Phi
U+1D6F8𝛸\itChiMathematical Italic Capital Chi
U+1D6F9𝛹\itPsiMathematical Italic Capital Psi
U+1D6FA𝛺\itOmegaMathematical Italic Capital Omega
U+1D6FB𝛻\itnablaMathematical Italic Nabla
U+1D6FC𝛼\italphaMathematical Italic Small Alpha
U+1D6FD𝛽\itbetaMathematical Italic Small Beta
U+1D6FE𝛾\itgammaMathematical Italic Small Gamma
U+1D6FF𝛿\itdeltaMathematical Italic Small Delta
U+1D700𝜀\itvarepsilonMathematical Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D701𝜁\itzetaMathematical Italic Small Zeta
U+1D702𝜂\itetaMathematical Italic Small Eta
U+1D703𝜃\itthetaMathematical Italic Small Theta
U+1D704𝜄\itiotaMathematical Italic Small Iota
U+1D705𝜅\itkappaMathematical Italic Small Kappa
U+1D706𝜆\itlambdaMathematical Italic Small Lamda
U+1D707𝜇\itmuMathematical Italic Small Mu
U+1D708𝜈\itnuMathematical Italic Small Nu
U+1D709𝜉\itxiMathematical Italic Small Xi
U+1D70A𝜊\itomicronMathematical Italic Small Omicron
U+1D70B𝜋\itpiMathematical Italic Small Pi
U+1D70C𝜌\itrhoMathematical Italic Small Rho
U+1D70D𝜍\itvarsigmaMathematical Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D70E𝜎\itsigmaMathematical Italic Small Sigma
U+1D70F𝜏\ittauMathematical Italic Small Tau
U+1D710𝜐\itupsilonMathematical Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D711𝜑\itvarphiMathematical Italic Small Phi
U+1D712𝜒\itchiMathematical Italic Small Chi
U+1D713𝜓\itpsiMathematical Italic Small Psi
U+1D714𝜔\itomegaMathematical Italic Small Omega
U+1D715𝜕\itpartialMathematical Italic Partial Differential
U+1D716𝜖\itepsilonMathematical Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D717𝜗\itvarthetaMathematical Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D718𝜘\itvarkappaMathematical Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D719𝜙\itphiMathematical Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D71A𝜚\itvarrhoMathematical Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D71B𝜛\itvarpiMathematical Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D71C𝜜\biAlphaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D71D𝜝\biBetaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Beta
U+1D71E𝜞\biGammaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D71F𝜟\biDeltaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Delta
U+1D720𝜠\biEpsilonMathematical Bold Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D721𝜡\biZetaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D722𝜢\biEtaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Eta
U+1D723𝜣\biThetaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta
U+1D724𝜤\biIotaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Iota
U+1D725𝜥\biKappaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D726𝜦\biLambdaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D727𝜧\biMuMathematical Bold Italic Capital Mu
U+1D728𝜨\biNuMathematical Bold Italic Capital Nu
U+1D729𝜩\biXiMathematical Bold Italic Capital Xi
U+1D72A𝜪\biOmicronMathematical Bold Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D72B𝜫\biPiMathematical Bold Italic Capital Pi
U+1D72C𝜬\biRhoMathematical Bold Italic Capital Rho
U+1D72D𝜭\bivarThetaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D72E𝜮\biSigmaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D72F𝜯\biTauMathematical Bold Italic Capital Tau
U+1D730𝜰\biUpsilonMathematical Bold Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D731𝜱\biPhiMathematical Bold Italic Capital Phi
U+1D732𝜲\biChiMathematical Bold Italic Capital Chi
U+1D733𝜳\biPsiMathematical Bold Italic Capital Psi
U+1D734𝜴\biOmegaMathematical Bold Italic Capital Omega
U+1D735𝜵\binablaMathematical Bold Italic Nabla
U+1D736𝜶\bialphaMathematical Bold Italic Small Alpha
U+1D737𝜷\bibetaMathematical Bold Italic Small Beta
U+1D738𝜸\bigammaMathematical Bold Italic Small Gamma
U+1D739𝜹\bideltaMathematical Bold Italic Small Delta
U+1D73A𝜺\bivarepsilonMathematical Bold Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D73B𝜻\bizetaMathematical Bold Italic Small Zeta
U+1D73C𝜼\bietaMathematical Bold Italic Small Eta
U+1D73D𝜽\bithetaMathematical Bold Italic Small Theta
U+1D73E𝜾\biiotaMathematical Bold Italic Small Iota
U+1D73F𝜿\bikappaMathematical Bold Italic Small Kappa
U+1D740𝝀\bilambdaMathematical Bold Italic Small Lamda
U+1D741𝝁\bimuMathematical Bold Italic Small Mu
U+1D742𝝂\binuMathematical Bold Italic Small Nu
U+1D743𝝃\bixiMathematical Bold Italic Small Xi
U+1D744𝝄\biomicronMathematical Bold Italic Small Omicron
U+1D745𝝅\bipiMathematical Bold Italic Small Pi
U+1D746𝝆\birhoMathematical Bold Italic Small Rho
U+1D747𝝇\bivarsigmaMathematical Bold Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D748𝝈\bisigmaMathematical Bold Italic Small Sigma
U+1D749𝝉\bitauMathematical Bold Italic Small Tau
U+1D74A𝝊\biupsilonMathematical Bold Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D74B𝝋\bivarphiMathematical Bold Italic Small Phi
U+1D74C𝝌\bichiMathematical Bold Italic Small Chi
U+1D74D𝝍\bipsiMathematical Bold Italic Small Psi
U+1D74E𝝎\biomegaMathematical Bold Italic Small Omega
U+1D74F𝝏\bipartialMathematical Bold Italic Partial Differential
U+1D750𝝐\biepsilonMathematical Bold Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D751𝝑\bivarthetaMathematical Bold Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D752𝝒\bivarkappaMathematical Bold Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D753𝝓\biphiMathematical Bold Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D754𝝔\bivarrhoMathematical Bold Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D755𝝕\bivarpiMathematical Bold Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D756𝝖\bsansAlphaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Alpha
U+1D757𝝗\bsansBetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Beta
U+1D758𝝘\bsansGammaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Gamma
U+1D759𝝙\bsansDeltaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Delta
U+1D75A𝝚\bsansEpsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Epsilon
U+1D75B𝝛\bsansZetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Zeta
U+1D75C𝝜\bsansEtaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Eta
U+1D75D𝝝\bsansThetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Theta
U+1D75E𝝞\bsansIotaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Iota
U+1D75F𝝟\bsansKappaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Kappa
U+1D760𝝠\bsansLambdaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Lamda
U+1D761𝝡\bsansMuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Mu
U+1D762𝝢\bsansNuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Nu
U+1D763𝝣\bsansXiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Xi
U+1D764𝝤\bsansOmicronMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Omicron
U+1D765𝝥\bsansPiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Pi
U+1D766𝝦\bsansRhoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Rho
U+1D767𝝧\bsansvarThetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D768𝝨\bsansSigmaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Sigma
U+1D769𝝩\bsansTauMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Tau
U+1D76A𝝪\bsansUpsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Upsilon
U+1D76B𝝫\bsansPhiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Phi
U+1D76C𝝬\bsansChiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Chi
U+1D76D𝝭\bsansPsiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Psi
U+1D76E𝝮\bsansOmegaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Omega
U+1D76F𝝯\bsansnablaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Nabla
U+1D770𝝰\bsansalphaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Alpha
U+1D771𝝱\bsansbetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Beta
U+1D772𝝲\bsansgammaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Gamma
U+1D773𝝳\bsansdeltaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Delta
U+1D774𝝴\bsansvarepsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Epsilon
U+1D775𝝵\bsanszetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Zeta
U+1D776𝝶\bsansetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Eta
U+1D777𝝷\bsansthetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Theta
U+1D778𝝸\bsansiotaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Iota
U+1D779𝝹\bsanskappaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Kappa
U+1D77A𝝺\bsanslambdaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Lamda
U+1D77B𝝻\bsansmuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Mu
U+1D77C𝝼\bsansnuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Nu
U+1D77D𝝽\bsansxiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Xi
U+1D77E𝝾\bsansomicronMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Omicron
U+1D77F𝝿\bsanspiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Pi
U+1D780𝞀\bsansrhoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Rho
U+1D781𝞁\bsansvarsigmaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Final Sigma
U+1D782𝞂\bsanssigmaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Sigma
U+1D783𝞃\bsanstauMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Tau
U+1D784𝞄\bsansupsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Upsilon
U+1D785𝞅\bsansvarphiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Phi
U+1D786𝞆\bsanschiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Chi
U+1D787𝞇\bsanspsiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Psi
U+1D788𝞈\bsansomegaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Omega
U+1D789𝞉\bsanspartialMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Partial Differential
U+1D78A𝞊\bsansepsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Epsilon Symbol
U+1D78B𝞋\bsansvarthetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Theta Symbol
U+1D78C𝞌\bsansvarkappaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Kappa Symbol
U+1D78D𝞍\bsansphiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Phi Symbol
U+1D78E𝞎\bsansvarrhoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Rho Symbol
U+1D78F𝞏\bsansvarpiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Pi Symbol
U+1D790𝞐\bisansAlphaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D791𝞑\bisansBetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Beta
U+1D792𝞒\bisansGammaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D793𝞓\bisansDeltaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Delta
U+1D794𝞔\bisansEpsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D795𝞕\bisansZetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D796𝞖\bisansEtaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Eta
U+1D797𝞗\bisansThetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Theta
U+1D798𝞘\bisansIotaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Iota
U+1D799𝞙\bisansKappaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D79A𝞚\bisansLambdaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D79B𝞛\bisansMuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Mu
U+1D79C𝞜\bisansNuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Nu
U+1D79D𝞝\bisansXiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Xi
U+1D79E𝞞\bisansOmicronMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D79F𝞟\bisansPiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Pi
U+1D7A0𝞠\bisansRhoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Rho
U+1D7A1𝞡\bisansvarThetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D7A2𝞢\bisansSigmaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D7A3𝞣\bisansTauMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Tau
U+1D7A4𝞤\bisansUpsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D7A5𝞥\bisansPhiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Phi
U+1D7A6𝞦\bisansChiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Chi
U+1D7A7𝞧\bisansPsiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Psi
U+1D7A8𝞨\bisansOmegaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Omega
U+1D7A9𝞩\bisansnablaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Nabla
U+1D7AA𝞪\bisansalphaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Alpha
U+1D7AB𝞫\bisansbetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Beta
U+1D7AC𝞬\bisansgammaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Gamma
U+1D7AD𝞭\bisansdeltaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Delta
U+1D7AE𝞮\bisansvarepsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D7AF𝞯\bisanszetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Zeta
U+1D7B0𝞰\bisansetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Eta
U+1D7B1𝞱\bisansthetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Theta
U+1D7B2𝞲\bisansiotaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Iota
U+1D7B3𝞳\bisanskappaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Kappa
U+1D7B4𝞴\bisanslambdaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Lamda
U+1D7B5𝞵\bisansmuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Mu
U+1D7B6𝞶\bisansnuMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Nu
U+1D7B7𝞷\bisansxiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Xi
U+1D7B8𝞸\bisansomicronMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Omicron
U+1D7B9𝞹\bisanspiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Pi
U+1D7BA𝞺\bisansrhoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Rho
U+1D7BB𝞻\bisansvarsigmaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D7BC𝞼\bisanssigmaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Sigma
U+1D7BD𝞽\bisanstauMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Tau
U+1D7BE𝞾\bisansupsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D7BF𝞿\bisansvarphiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Phi
U+1D7C0𝟀\bisanschiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Chi
U+1D7C1𝟁\bisanspsiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Psi
U+1D7C2𝟂\bisansomegaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Omega
U+1D7C3𝟃\bisanspartialMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Partial Differential
U+1D7C4𝟄\bisansepsilonMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D7C5𝟅\bisansvarthetaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D7C6𝟆\bisansvarkappaMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D7C7𝟇\bisansphiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D7C8𝟈\bisansvarrhoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D7C9𝟉\bisansvarpiMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D7CA𝟊\bfDigammaMathematical Bold Capital Digamma
U+1D7CB𝟋\bfdigammaMathematical Bold Small Digamma
U+1D7CE𝟎\bfzeroMathematical Bold Digit Zero
U+1D7CF𝟏\bfoneMathematical Bold Digit One
U+1D7D0𝟐\bftwoMathematical Bold Digit Two
U+1D7D1𝟑\bfthreeMathematical Bold Digit Three
U+1D7D2𝟒\bffourMathematical Bold Digit Four
U+1D7D3𝟓\bffiveMathematical Bold Digit Five
U+1D7D4𝟔\bfsixMathematical Bold Digit Six
U+1D7D5𝟕\bfsevenMathematical Bold Digit Seven
U+1D7D6𝟖\bfeightMathematical Bold Digit Eight
U+1D7D7𝟗\bfnineMathematical Bold Digit Nine
U+1D7D8𝟘\bbzeroMathematical Double-Struck Digit Zero
U+1D7D9𝟙\bboneMathematical Double-Struck Digit One
U+1D7DA𝟚\bbtwoMathematical Double-Struck Digit Two
U+1D7DB𝟛\bbthreeMathematical Double-Struck Digit Three
U+1D7DC𝟜\bbfourMathematical Double-Struck Digit Four
U+1D7DD𝟝\bbfiveMathematical Double-Struck Digit Five
U+1D7DE𝟞\bbsixMathematical Double-Struck Digit Six
U+1D7DF𝟟\bbsevenMathematical Double-Struck Digit Seven
U+1D7E0𝟠\bbeightMathematical Double-Struck Digit Eight
U+1D7E1𝟡\bbnineMathematical Double-Struck Digit Nine
U+1D7E2𝟢\sanszeroMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Zero
U+1D7E3𝟣\sansoneMathematical Sans-Serif Digit One
U+1D7E4𝟤\sanstwoMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Two
U+1D7E5𝟥\sansthreeMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Three
U+1D7E6𝟦\sansfourMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Four
U+1D7E7𝟧\sansfiveMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Five
U+1D7E8𝟨\sanssixMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Six
U+1D7E9𝟩\sanssevenMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Seven
U+1D7EA𝟪\sanseightMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Eight
U+1D7EB𝟫\sansnineMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Nine
U+1D7EC𝟬\bsanszeroMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Zero
U+1D7ED𝟭\bsansoneMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit One
U+1D7EE𝟮\bsanstwoMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Two
U+1D7EF𝟯\bsansthreeMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Three
U+1D7F0𝟰\bsansfourMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Four
U+1D7F1𝟱\bsansfiveMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Five
U+1D7F2𝟲\bsanssixMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Six
U+1D7F3𝟳\bsanssevenMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Seven
U+1D7F4𝟴\bsanseightMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Eight
U+1D7F5𝟵\bsansnineMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Nine
U+1D7F6𝟶\ttzeroMathematical Monospace Digit Zero
U+1D7F7𝟷\ttoneMathematical Monospace Digit One
U+1D7F8𝟸\tttwoMathematical Monospace Digit Two
U+1D7F9𝟹\ttthreeMathematical Monospace Digit Three
U+1D7FA𝟺\ttfourMathematical Monospace Digit Four
U+1D7FB𝟻\ttfiveMathematical Monospace Digit Five
U+1D7FC𝟼\ttsixMathematical Monospace Digit Six
U+1D7FD𝟽\ttsevenMathematical Monospace Digit Seven
U+1D7FE𝟾\tteightMathematical Monospace Digit Eight
U+1D7FF𝟿\ttnineMathematical Monospace Digit Nine
U+1F004🀄\:mahjong:Mahjong Tile Red Dragon
U+1F0CF🃏\:black_joker:Playing Card Black Joker
U+1F170🅰\:a:Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter A
U+1F171🅱\:b:Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B
U+1F17E🅾\:o2:Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter O
U+1F17F🅿\:parking:Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P
U+1F18E🆎\:ab:Negative Squared Ab
U+1F191🆑\:cl:Squared Cl
U+1F192🆒\:cool:Squared Cool
U+1F193🆓\:free:Squared Free
U+1F194🆔\:id:Squared Id
U+1F195🆕\:new:Squared New
U+1F196🆖\:ng:Squared Ng
U+1F197🆗\:ok:Squared Ok
U+1F198🆘\:sos:Squared Sos
U+1F199🆙\:up:Squared Up With Exclamation Mark
U+1F19A🆚\:vs:Squared Vs
U+1F201🈁\:koko:Squared Katakana Koko
U+1F202🈂\:sa:Squared Katakana Sa
U+1F21A🈚\:u7121:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7121
U+1F22F🈯\:u6307:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6307
U+1F232🈲\:u7981:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7981
U+1F233🈳\:u7a7a:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7A7A
U+1F234🈴\:u5408:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5408
U+1F235🈵\:u6e80:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6E80
U+1F236🈶\:u6709:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6709
U+1F237🈷\:u6708:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6708
U+1F238🈸\:u7533:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7533
U+1F239🈹\:u5272:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5272
U+1F23A🈺\:u55b6:Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-55B6
U+1F250🉐\:ideograph_advantage:Circled Ideograph Advantage
U+1F251🉑\:accept:Circled Ideograph Accept
U+1F302🌂\:closed_umbrella:Closed Umbrella
U+1F303🌃\:night_with_stars:Night With Stars
U+1F304🌄\:sunrise_over_mountains:Sunrise Over Mountains
U+1F306🌆\:city_sunset:Cityscape At Dusk
U+1F307🌇\:city_sunrise:Sunset Over Buildings
U+1F309🌉\:bridge_at_night:Bridge At Night
U+1F30A🌊\:ocean:Water Wave
U+1F30C🌌\:milky_way:Milky Way
U+1F30D🌍\:earth_africa:Earth Globe Europe-Africa
U+1F30E🌎\:earth_americas:Earth Globe Americas
U+1F30F🌏\:earth_asia:Earth Globe Asia-Australia
U+1F310🌐\:globe_with_meridians:Globe With Meridians
U+1F311🌑\:new_moon:New Moon Symbol
U+1F312🌒\:waxing_crescent_moon:Waxing Crescent Moon Symbol
U+1F313🌓\:first_quarter_moon:First Quarter Moon Symbol
U+1F314🌔\:moon:Waxing Gibbous Moon Symbol
U+1F315🌕\:full_moon:Full Moon Symbol
U+1F316🌖\:waning_gibbous_moon:Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol
U+1F317🌗\:last_quarter_moon:Last Quarter Moon Symbol
U+1F318🌘\:waning_crescent_moon:Waning Crescent Moon Symbol
U+1F319🌙\:crescent_moon:Crescent Moon
U+1F31A🌚\:new_moon_with_face:New Moon With Face
U+1F31B🌛\:first_quarter_moon_with_face:First Quarter Moon With Face
U+1F31C🌜\:last_quarter_moon_with_face:Last Quarter Moon With Face
U+1F31D🌝\:full_moon_with_face:Full Moon With Face
U+1F31E🌞\:sun_with_face:Sun With Face
U+1F31F🌟\:star2:Glowing Star
U+1F320🌠\:stars:Shooting Star
U+1F32D🌭\:hotdog:Hot Dog
U+1F332🌲\:evergreen_tree:Evergreen Tree
U+1F333🌳\:deciduous_tree:Deciduous Tree
U+1F334🌴\:palm_tree:Palm Tree
U+1F338🌸\:cherry_blossom:Cherry Blossom
U+1F33D🌽\:corn:Ear Of Maize
U+1F33E🌾\:ear_of_rice:Ear Of Rice
U+1F340🍀\:four_leaf_clover:Four Leaf Clover
U+1F341🍁\:maple_leaf:Maple Leaf
U+1F342🍂\:fallen_leaf:Fallen Leaf
U+1F343🍃\:leaves:Leaf Fluttering In Wind
U+1F34E🍎\:apple:Red Apple
U+1F34F🍏\:green_apple:Green Apple
U+1F355🍕\:pizza:Slice Of Pizza
U+1F356🍖\:meat_on_bone:Meat On Bone
U+1F357🍗\:poultry_leg:Poultry Leg
U+1F358🍘\:rice_cracker:Rice Cracker
U+1F359🍙\:rice_ball:Rice Ball
U+1F35A🍚\:rice:Cooked Rice
U+1F35B🍛\:curry:Curry And Rice
U+1F35C🍜\:ramen:Steaming Bowl
U+1F35F🍟\:fries:French Fries
U+1F360🍠\:sweet_potato:Roasted Sweet Potato
U+1F364🍤\:fried_shrimp:Fried Shrimp
U+1F365🍥\:fish_cake:Fish Cake With Swirl Design
U+1F366🍦\:icecream:Soft Ice Cream
U+1F367🍧\:shaved_ice:Shaved Ice
U+1F368🍨\:ice_cream:Ice Cream
U+1F36B🍫\:chocolate_bar:Chocolate Bar
U+1F36F🍯\:honey_pot:Honey Pot
U+1F371🍱\:bento:Bento Box
U+1F372🍲\:stew:Pot Of Food
U+1F374🍴\:fork_and_knife:Fork And Knife
U+1F375🍵\:tea:Teacup Without Handle
U+1F376🍶\:sake:Sake Bottle And Cup
U+1F377🍷\:wine_glass:Wine Glass
U+1F378🍸\:cocktail:Cocktail Glass
U+1F379🍹\:tropical_drink:Tropical Drink
U+1F37A🍺\:beer:Beer Mug
U+1F37B🍻\:beers:Clinking Beer Mugs
U+1F37C🍼\:baby_bottle:Baby Bottle
U+1F37E🍾\:champagne:Bottle With Popping Cork
U+1F381🎁\:gift:Wrapped Present
U+1F382🎂\:birthday:Birthday Cake
U+1F384🎄\:christmas_tree:Christmas Tree
U+1F385🎅\:santa:Father Christmas
U+1F387🎇\:sparkler:Firework Sparkler
U+1F389🎉\:tada:Party Popper
U+1F38A🎊\:confetti_ball:Confetti Ball
U+1F38B🎋\:tanabata_tree:Tanabata Tree
U+1F38C🎌\:crossed_flags:Crossed Flags
U+1F38D🎍\:bamboo:Pine Decoration
U+1F38E🎎\:dolls:Japanese Dolls
U+1F38F🎏\:flags:Carp Streamer
U+1F390🎐\:wind_chime:Wind Chime
U+1F391🎑\:rice_scene:Moon Viewing Ceremony
U+1F392🎒\:school_satchel:School Satchel
U+1F393🎓\:mortar_board:Graduation Cap
U+1F3A0🎠\:carousel_horse:Carousel Horse
U+1F3A1🎡\:ferris_wheel:Ferris Wheel
U+1F3A2🎢\:roller_coaster:Roller Coaster
U+1F3A3🎣\:fishing_pole_and_fish:Fishing Pole And Fish
U+1F3A5🎥\:movie_camera:Movie Camera
U+1F3A8🎨\:art:Artist Palette
U+1F3A9🎩\:tophat:Top Hat
U+1F3AA🎪\:circus_tent:Circus Tent
U+1F3AC🎬\:clapper:Clapper Board
U+1F3AD🎭\:performing_arts:Performing Arts
U+1F3AE🎮\:video_game:Video Game
U+1F3AF🎯\:dart:Direct Hit
U+1F3B0🎰\:slot_machine:Slot Machine
U+1F3B2🎲\:game_die:Game Die
U+1F3B4🎴\:flower_playing_cards:Flower Playing Cards
U+1F3B5🎵\:musical_note:Musical Note
U+1F3B6🎶\:notes:Multiple Musical Notes
U+1F3B9🎹\:musical_keyboard:Musical Keyboard
U+1F3BC🎼\:musical_score:Musical Score
U+1F3BD🎽\:running_shirt_with_sash:Running Shirt With Sash
U+1F3BE🎾\:tennis:Tennis Racquet And Ball
U+1F3BF🎿\:ski:Ski And Ski Boot
U+1F3C0🏀\:basketball:Basketball And Hoop
U+1F3C1🏁\:checkered_flag:Chequered Flag
U+1F3C5🏅\:sports_medal:Sports Medal
U+1F3C7🏇\:horse_racing:Horse Racing
U+1F3C8🏈\:football:American Football
U+1F3C9🏉\:rugby_football:Rugby Football
U+1F3CF🏏\:cricket_bat_and_ball:Cricket Bat And Ball
U+1F3D1🏑\:field_hockey_stick_and_ball:Field Hockey Stick And Ball
U+1F3D2🏒\:ice_hockey_stick_and_puck:Ice Hockey Stick And Puck
U+1F3D3🏓\:table_tennis_paddle_and_ball:Table Tennis Paddle And Ball
U+1F3E0🏠\:house:House Building
U+1F3E1🏡\:house_with_garden:House With Garden
U+1F3E2🏢\:office:Office Building
U+1F3E3🏣\:post_office:Japanese Post Office
U+1F3E4🏤\:european_post_office:European Post Office
U+1F3E7🏧\:atm:Automated Teller Machine
U+1F3E9🏩\:love_hotel:Love Hotel
U+1F3EA🏪\:convenience_store:Convenience Store
U+1F3EC🏬\:department_store:Department Store
U+1F3EE🏮\:izakaya_lantern:Izakaya Lantern
U+1F3EF🏯\:japanese_castle:Japanese Castle
U+1F3F0🏰\:european_castle:European Castle
U+1F3F4🏴\:waving_black_flag:Waving Black Flag
U+1F3F8🏸\:badminton_racquet_and_shuttlecock:Badminton Racquet And Shuttlecock
U+1F3F9🏹\:bow_and_arrow:Bow And Arrow
U+1F3FB🏻\:skin-tone-2:Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2
U+1F3FC🏼\:skin-tone-3:Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3
U+1F3FD🏽\:skin-tone-4:Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4
U+1F3FE🏾\:skin-tone-5:Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5
U+1F3FF🏿\:skin-tone-6:Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6
U+1F403🐃\:water_buffalo:Water Buffalo
U+1F41A🐚\:shell:Spiral Shell
U+1F41E🐞\:ladybug:Lady Beetle
U+1F420🐠\:tropical_fish:Tropical Fish
U+1F423🐣\:hatching_chick:Hatching Chick
U+1F424🐤\:baby_chick:Baby Chick
U+1F425🐥\:hatched_chick:Front-Facing Baby Chick
U+1F42A🐪\:dromedary_camel:Dromedary Camel
U+1F42B🐫\:camel:Bactrian Camel
U+1F42D🐭\:mouse:Mouse Face
U+1F42E🐮\:cow:Cow Face
U+1F42F🐯\:tiger:Tiger Face
U+1F430🐰\:rabbit:Rabbit Face
U+1F431🐱\:cat:Cat Face
U+1F432🐲\:dragon_face:Dragon Face
U+1F433🐳\:whale:Spouting Whale
U+1F434🐴\:horse:Horse Face
U+1F435🐵\:monkey_face:Monkey Face
U+1F436🐶\:dog:Dog Face
U+1F437🐷\:pig:Pig Face
U+1F438🐸\:frog:Frog Face
U+1F439🐹\:hamster:Hamster Face
U+1F43A🐺\:wolf:Wolf Face
U+1F43B🐻\:bear:Bear Face
U+1F43C🐼\:panda_face:Panda Face
U+1F43D🐽\:pig_nose:Pig Nose
U+1F43E🐾\:feet:Paw Prints
U+1F446👆\:point_up_2:White Up Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F447👇\:point_down:White Down Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F448👈\:point_left:White Left Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F449👉\:point_right:White Right Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F44A👊\:facepunch:Fisted Hand Sign
U+1F44B👋\:wave:Waving Hand Sign
U+1F44C👌\:ok_hand:Ok Hand Sign
U+1F44D👍\:+1:Thumbs Up Sign
U+1F44E👎\:-1:Thumbs Down Sign
U+1F44F👏\:clap:Clapping Hands Sign
U+1F450👐\:open_hands:Open Hands Sign
U+1F452👒\:womans_hat:Womans Hat
U+1F45A👚\:womans_clothes:Womans Clothes
U+1F45E👞\:mans_shoe:Mans Shoe
U+1F45F👟\:athletic_shoe:Athletic Shoe
U+1F460👠\:high_heel:High-Heeled Shoe
U+1F461👡\:sandal:Womans Sandal
U+1F462👢\:boot:Womans Boots
U+1F464👤\:bust_in_silhouette:Bust In Silhouette
U+1F465👥\:busts_in_silhouette:Busts In Silhouette
U+1F46B👫\:couple:, \:man_and_woman_holding_hands:Man And Woman Holding Hands
U+1F46C👬\:two_men_holding_hands:Two Men Holding Hands
U+1F46D👭\:two_women_holding_hands:Two Women Holding Hands
U+1F46E👮\:cop:Police Officer
U+1F46F👯\:dancers:Woman With Bunny Ears
U+1F470👰\:bride_with_veil:Bride With Veil
U+1F471👱\:person_with_blond_hair:Person With Blond Hair
U+1F472👲\:man_with_gua_pi_mao:Man With Gua Pi Mao
U+1F473👳\:man_with_turban:Man With Turban
U+1F474👴\:older_man:Older Man
U+1F475👵\:older_woman:Older Woman
U+1F477👷\:construction_worker:Construction Worker
U+1F479👹\:japanese_ogre:Japanese Ogre
U+1F47A👺\:japanese_goblin:Japanese Goblin
U+1F47C👼\:angel:Baby Angel
U+1F47D👽\:alien:Extraterrestrial Alien
U+1F47E👾\:space_invader:Alien Monster
U+1F481💁\:information_desk_person:Information Desk Person
U+1F485💅\:nail_care:Nail Polish
U+1F486💆\:massage:Face Massage
U+1F488💈\:barber:Barber Pole
U+1F48B💋\:kiss:Kiss Mark
U+1F48C💌\:love_letter:Love Letter
U+1F48E💎\:gem:Gem Stone
U+1F491💑\:couple_with_heart:Couple With Heart
U+1F493💓\:heartbeat:Beating Heart
U+1F494💔\:broken_heart:Broken Heart
U+1F495💕\:two_hearts:Two Hearts
U+1F496💖\:sparkling_heart:Sparkling Heart
U+1F497💗\:heartpulse:Growing Heart
U+1F498💘\:cupid:Heart With Arrow
U+1F499💙\:blue_heart:Blue Heart
U+1F49A💚\:green_heart:Green Heart
U+1F49B💛\:yellow_heart:Yellow Heart
U+1F49C💜\:purple_heart:Purple Heart
U+1F49D💝\:gift_heart:Heart With Ribbon
U+1F49E💞\:revolving_hearts:Revolving Hearts
U+1F49F💟\:heart_decoration:Heart Decoration
U+1F4A0💠\:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Diamond Shape With A Dot Inside
U+1F4A1💡\:bulb:Electric Light Bulb
U+1F4A2💢\:anger:Anger Symbol
U+1F4A4💤\:zzz:Sleeping Symbol
U+1F4A5💥\:boom:Collision Symbol
U+1F4A6💦\:sweat_drops:Splashing Sweat Symbol
U+1F4A8💨\:dash:Dash Symbol
U+1F4A9💩\:hankey:Pile Of Poo
U+1F4AA💪\:muscle:Flexed Biceps
U+1F4AB💫\:dizzy:Dizzy Symbol
U+1F4AC💬\:speech_balloon:Speech Balloon
U+1F4AD💭\:thought_balloon:Thought Balloon
U+1F4AE💮\:white_flower:White Flower
U+1F4AF💯\:100:Hundred Points Symbol
U+1F4B0💰\:moneybag:Money Bag
U+1F4B1💱\:currency_exchange:Currency Exchange
U+1F4B2💲\:heavy_dollar_sign:Heavy Dollar Sign
U+1F4B3💳\:credit_card:Credit Card
U+1F4B4💴\:yen:Banknote With Yen Sign
U+1F4B5💵\:dollar:Banknote With Dollar Sign
U+1F4B6💶\:euro:Banknote With Euro Sign
U+1F4B7💷\:pound:Banknote With Pound Sign
U+1F4B8💸\:money_with_wings:Money With Wings
U+1F4B9💹\:chart:Chart With Upwards Trend And Yen Sign
U+1F4BB💻\:computer:Personal Computer
U+1F4BE💾\:floppy_disk:Floppy Disk
U+1F4BF💿\:cd:Optical Disc
U+1F4C1📁\:file_folder:File Folder
U+1F4C2📂\:open_file_folder:Open File Folder
U+1F4C3📃\:page_with_curl:Page With Curl
U+1F4C4📄\:page_facing_up:Page Facing Up
U+1F4C6📆\:calendar:Tear-Off Calendar
U+1F4C7📇\:card_index:Card Index
U+1F4C8📈\:chart_with_upwards_trend:Chart With Upwards Trend
U+1F4C9📉\:chart_with_downwards_trend:Chart With Downwards Trend
U+1F4CA📊\:bar_chart:Bar Chart
U+1F4CD📍\:round_pushpin:Round Pushpin
U+1F4CF📏\:straight_ruler:Straight Ruler
U+1F4D0📐\:triangular_ruler:Triangular Ruler
U+1F4D1📑\:bookmark_tabs:Bookmark Tabs
U+1F4D4📔\:notebook_with_decorative_cover:Notebook With Decorative Cover
U+1F4D5📕\:closed_book:Closed Book
U+1F4D6📖\:book:Open Book
U+1F4D7📗\:green_book:Green Book
U+1F4D8📘\:blue_book:Blue Book
U+1F4D9📙\:orange_book:Orange Book
U+1F4DB📛\:name_badge:Name Badge
U+1F4DE📞\:telephone_receiver:Telephone Receiver
U+1F4E0📠\:fax:Fax Machine
U+1F4E1📡\:satellite:, \:satellite_antenna:Satellite Antenna
U+1F4E2📢\:loudspeaker:Public Address Loudspeaker
U+1F4E3📣\:mega:Cheering Megaphone
U+1F4E4📤\:outbox_tray:Outbox Tray
U+1F4E5📥\:inbox_tray:Inbox Tray
U+1F4E7📧\:e-mail:E-Mail Symbol
U+1F4E8📨\:incoming_envelope:Incoming Envelope
U+1F4E9📩\:envelope_with_arrow:Envelope With Downwards Arrow Above
U+1F4EA📪\:mailbox_closed:Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag
U+1F4EB📫\:mailbox:Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag
U+1F4EC📬\:mailbox_with_mail:Open Mailbox With Raised Flag
U+1F4ED📭\:mailbox_with_no_mail:Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag
U+1F4EF📯\:postal_horn:Postal Horn
U+1F4F1📱\:iphone:Mobile Phone
U+1F4F2📲\:calling:Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow At Left
U+1F4F3📳\:vibration_mode:Vibration Mode
U+1F4F4📴\:mobile_phone_off:Mobile Phone Off
U+1F4F5📵\:no_mobile_phones:No Mobile Phones
U+1F4F6📶\:signal_strength:Antenna With Bars
U+1F4F8📸\:camera_with_flash:Camera With Flash
U+1F4F9📹\:video_camera:Video Camera
U+1F4FF📿\:prayer_beads:Prayer Beads
U+1F500🔀\:twisted_rightwards_arrows:Twisted Rightwards Arrows
U+1F501🔁\:repeat:Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F502🔂\:repeat_one:Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows With Circled One Overlay
U+1F503🔃\:arrows_clockwise:Clockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F504🔄\:arrows_counterclockwise:Anticlockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F505🔅\:low_brightness:Low Brightness Symbol
U+1F506🔆\:high_brightness:High Brightness Symbol
U+1F507🔇\:mute:Speaker With Cancellation Stroke
U+1F509🔉\:sound:Speaker With One Sound Wave
U+1F50A🔊\:loud_sound:Speaker With Three Sound Waves
U+1F50C🔌\:electric_plug:Electric Plug
U+1F50D🔍\:mag:Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass
U+1F50E🔎\:mag_right:Right-Pointing Magnifying Glass
U+1F50F🔏\:lock_with_ink_pen:Lock With Ink Pen
U+1F510🔐\:closed_lock_with_key:Closed Lock With Key
U+1F513🔓\:unlock:Open Lock
U+1F515🔕\:no_bell:Bell With Cancellation Stroke
U+1F517🔗\:link:Link Symbol
U+1F518🔘\:radio_button:Radio Button
U+1F519🔙\:back:Back With Leftwards Arrow Above
U+1F51A🔚\:end:End With Leftwards Arrow Above
U+1F51B🔛\:on:On With Exclamation Mark With Left Right Arrow Above
U+1F51C🔜\:soon:Soon With Rightwards Arrow Above
U+1F51D🔝\:top:Top With Upwards Arrow Above
U+1F51E🔞\:underage:No One Under Eighteen Symbol
U+1F51F🔟\:keycap_ten:Keycap Ten
U+1F520🔠\:capital_abcd:Input Symbol For Latin Capital Letters
U+1F521🔡\:abcd:Input Symbol For Latin Small Letters
U+1F522🔢\:1234:Input Symbol For Numbers
U+1F523🔣\:symbols:Input Symbol For Symbols
U+1F524🔤\:abc:Input Symbol For Latin Letters
U+1F526🔦\:flashlight:Electric Torch
U+1F529🔩\:nut_and_bolt:Nut And Bolt
U+1F52E🔮\:crystal_ball:Crystal Ball
U+1F52F🔯\:six_pointed_star:Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot
U+1F530🔰\:beginner:Japanese Symbol For Beginner
U+1F531🔱\:trident:Trident Emblem
U+1F532🔲\:black_square_button:Black Square Button
U+1F533🔳\:white_square_button:White Square Button
U+1F534🔴\:red_circle:Large Red Circle
U+1F535🔵\:large_blue_circle:Large Blue Circle
U+1F536🔶\:large_orange_diamond:Large Orange Diamond
U+1F537🔷\:large_blue_diamond:Large Blue Diamond
U+1F538🔸\:small_orange_diamond:Small Orange Diamond
U+1F539🔹\:small_blue_diamond:Small Blue Diamond
U+1F53A🔺\:small_red_triangle:Up-Pointing Red Triangle
U+1F53B🔻\:small_red_triangle_down:Down-Pointing Red Triangle
U+1F53C🔼\:arrow_up_small:Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle
U+1F53D🔽\:arrow_down_small:Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle
U+1F54E🕎\:menorah_with_nine_branches:Menorah With Nine Branches
U+1F550🕐\:clock1:Clock Face One Oclock
U+1F551🕑\:clock2:Clock Face Two Oclock
U+1F552🕒\:clock3:Clock Face Three Oclock
U+1F553🕓\:clock4:Clock Face Four Oclock
U+1F554🕔\:clock5:Clock Face Five Oclock
U+1F555🕕\:clock6:Clock Face Six Oclock
U+1F556🕖\:clock7:Clock Face Seven Oclock
U+1F557🕗\:clock8:Clock Face Eight Oclock
U+1F558🕘\:clock9:Clock Face Nine Oclock
U+1F559🕙\:clock10:Clock Face Ten Oclock
U+1F55A🕚\:clock11:Clock Face Eleven Oclock
U+1F55B🕛\:clock12:Clock Face Twelve Oclock
U+1F55C🕜\:clock130:Clock Face One-Thirty
U+1F55D🕝\:clock230:Clock Face Two-Thirty
U+1F55E🕞\:clock330:Clock Face Three-Thirty
U+1F55F🕟\:clock430:Clock Face Four-Thirty
U+1F560🕠\:clock530:Clock Face Five-Thirty
U+1F561🕡\:clock630:Clock Face Six-Thirty
U+1F562🕢\:clock730:Clock Face Seven-Thirty
U+1F563🕣\:clock830:Clock Face Eight-Thirty
U+1F564🕤\:clock930:Clock Face Nine-Thirty
U+1F565🕥\:clock1030:Clock Face Ten-Thirty
U+1F566🕦\:clock1130:Clock Face Eleven-Thirty
U+1F567🕧\:clock1230:Clock Face Twelve-Thirty
U+1F57A🕺\:man_dancing:Man Dancing
U+1F595🖕\:middle_finger:Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended
U+1F596🖖\:spock-hand:Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers
U+1F5A4🖤\:black_heart:Black Heart
U+1F5FB🗻\:mount_fuji:Mount Fuji
U+1F5FC🗼\:tokyo_tower:Tokyo Tower
U+1F5FD🗽\:statue_of_liberty:Statue Of Liberty
U+1F5FE🗾\:japan:Silhouette Of Japan
U+1F600😀\:grinning:Grinning Face
U+1F601😁\:grin:Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F602😂\:joy:Face With Tears Of Joy
U+1F603😃\:smiley:Smiling Face With Open Mouth
U+1F604😄\:smile:Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes
U+1F605😅\:sweat_smile:Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat
U+1F606😆\:laughing:Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Tightly-Closed Eyes
U+1F607😇\:innocent:Smiling Face With Halo
U+1F608😈\:smiling_imp:Smiling Face With Horns
U+1F609😉\:wink:Winking Face
U+1F60A😊\:blush:Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F60B😋\:yum:Face Savouring Delicious Food
U+1F60C😌\:relieved:Relieved Face
U+1F60D😍\:heart_eyes:Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes
U+1F60E😎\:sunglasses:Smiling Face With Sunglasses
U+1F60F😏\:smirk:Smirking Face
U+1F610😐\:neutral_face:Neutral Face
U+1F611😑\:expressionless:Expressionless Face
U+1F612😒\:unamused:Unamused Face
U+1F613😓\:sweat:Face With Cold Sweat
U+1F614😔\:pensive:Pensive Face
U+1F615😕\:confused:Confused Face
U+1F616😖\:confounded:Confounded Face
U+1F617😗\:kissing:Kissing Face
U+1F618😘\:kissing_heart:Face Throwing A Kiss
U+1F619😙\:kissing_smiling_eyes:Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F61A😚\:kissing_closed_eyes:Kissing Face With Closed Eyes
U+1F61B😛\:stuck_out_tongue:Face With Stuck-Out Tongue
U+1F61C😜\:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Face With Stuck-Out Tongue And Winking Eye
U+1F61D😝\:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Face With Stuck-Out Tongue And Tightly-Closed Eyes
U+1F61E😞\:disappointed:Disappointed Face
U+1F61F😟\:worried:Worried Face
U+1F620😠\:angry:Angry Face
U+1F621😡\:rage:Pouting Face
U+1F622😢\:cry:Crying Face
U+1F623😣\:persevere:Persevering Face
U+1F624😤\:triumph:Face With Look Of Triumph
U+1F625😥\:disappointed_relieved:Disappointed But Relieved Face
U+1F626😦\:frowning:Frowning Face With Open Mouth
U+1F627😧\:anguished:Anguished Face
U+1F628😨\:fearful:Fearful Face
U+1F629😩\:weary:Weary Face
U+1F62A😪\:sleepy:Sleepy Face
U+1F62B😫\:tired_face:Tired Face
U+1F62C😬\:grimacing:Grimacing Face
U+1F62D😭\:sob:Loudly Crying Face
U+1F62E😮\:open_mouth:Face With Open Mouth
U+1F62F😯\:hushed:Hushed Face
U+1F630😰\:cold_sweat:Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat
U+1F631😱\:scream:Face Screaming In Fear
U+1F632😲\:astonished:Astonished Face
U+1F633😳\:flushed:Flushed Face
U+1F634😴\:sleeping:Sleeping Face
U+1F635😵\:dizzy_face:Dizzy Face
U+1F636😶\:no_mouth:Face Without Mouth
U+1F637😷\:mask:Face With Medical Mask
U+1F638😸\:smile_cat:Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F639😹\:joy_cat:Cat Face With Tears Of Joy
U+1F63A😺\:smiley_cat:Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth
U+1F63B😻\:heart_eyes_cat:Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes
U+1F63C😼\:smirk_cat:Cat Face With Wry Smile
U+1F63D😽\:kissing_cat:Kissing Cat Face With Closed Eyes
U+1F63E😾\:pouting_cat:Pouting Cat Face
U+1F63F😿\:crying_cat_face:Crying Cat Face
U+1F640🙀\:scream_cat:Weary Cat Face
U+1F641🙁\:slightly_frowning_face:Slightly Frowning Face
U+1F642🙂\:slightly_smiling_face:Slightly Smiling Face
U+1F643🙃\:upside_down_face:Upside-Down Face
U+1F644🙄\:face_with_rolling_eyes:Face With Rolling Eyes
U+1F645🙅\:no_good:Face With No Good Gesture
U+1F646🙆\:ok_woman:Face With Ok Gesture
U+1F647🙇\:bow:Person Bowing Deeply
U+1F648🙈\:see_no_evil:See-No-Evil Monkey
U+1F649🙉\:hear_no_evil:Hear-No-Evil Monkey
U+1F64A🙊\:speak_no_evil:Speak-No-Evil Monkey
U+1F64B🙋\:raising_hand:Happy Person Raising One Hand
U+1F64C🙌\:raised_hands:Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration
U+1F64D🙍\:person_frowning:Person Frowning
U+1F64E🙎\:person_with_pouting_face:Person With Pouting Face
U+1F64F🙏\:pray:Person With Folded Hands
U+1F682🚂\:steam_locomotive:Steam Locomotive
U+1F683🚃\:railway_car:Railway Car
U+1F684🚄\:bullettrain_side:High-Speed Train
U+1F685🚅\:bullettrain_front:High-Speed Train With Bullet Nose
U+1F688🚈\:light_rail:Light Rail
U+1F68B🚋\:train:Tram Car
U+1F68D🚍\:oncoming_bus:Oncoming Bus
U+1F68F🚏\:busstop:Bus Stop
U+1F692🚒\:fire_engine:Fire Engine
U+1F693🚓\:police_car:Police Car
U+1F694🚔\:oncoming_police_car:Oncoming Police Car
U+1F696🚖\:oncoming_taxi:Oncoming Taxi
U+1F698🚘\:oncoming_automobile:Oncoming Automobile
U+1F699🚙\:blue_car:Recreational Vehicle
U+1F69A🚚\:truck:Delivery Truck
U+1F69B🚛\:articulated_lorry:Articulated Lorry
U+1F69E🚞\:mountain_railway:Mountain Railway
U+1F69F🚟\:suspension_railway:Suspension Railway
U+1F6A0🚠\:mountain_cableway:Mountain Cableway
U+1F6A1🚡\:aerial_tramway:Aerial Tramway
U+1F6A5🚥\:traffic_light:Horizontal Traffic Light
U+1F6A6🚦\:vertical_traffic_light:Vertical Traffic Light
U+1F6A7🚧\:construction:Construction Sign
U+1F6A8🚨\:rotating_light:Police Cars Revolving Light
U+1F6A9🚩\:triangular_flag_on_post:Triangular Flag On Post
U+1F6AB🚫\:no_entry_sign:No Entry Sign
U+1F6AC🚬\:smoking:Smoking Symbol
U+1F6AD🚭\:no_smoking:No Smoking Symbol
U+1F6AE🚮\:put_litter_in_its_place:Put Litter In Its Place Symbol
U+1F6AF🚯\:do_not_litter:Do Not Litter Symbol
U+1F6B0🚰\:potable_water:Potable Water Symbol
U+1F6B1🚱\:non-potable_water:Non-Potable Water Symbol
U+1F6B3🚳\:no_bicycles:No Bicycles
U+1F6B5🚵\:mountain_bicyclist:Mountain Bicyclist
U+1F6B7🚷\:no_pedestrians:No Pedestrians
U+1F6B8🚸\:children_crossing:Children Crossing
U+1F6B9🚹\:mens:Mens Symbol
U+1F6BA🚺\:womens:Womens Symbol
U+1F6BC🚼\:baby_symbol:Baby Symbol
U+1F6BE🚾\:wc:Water Closet
U+1F6C2🛂\:passport_control:Passport Control
U+1F6C4🛄\:baggage_claim:Baggage Claim
U+1F6C5🛅\:left_luggage:Left Luggage
U+1F6CC🛌\:sleeping_accommodation:Sleeping Accommodation
U+1F6D0🛐\:place_of_worship:Place Of Worship
U+1F6D1🛑\:octagonal_sign:Octagonal Sign
U+1F6D2🛒\:shopping_trolley:Shopping Trolley
U+1F6D5🛕\:hindu_temple:Hindu Temple
U+1F6EB🛫\:airplane_departure:Airplane Departure
U+1F6EC🛬\:airplane_arriving:Airplane Arriving
U+1F6F5🛵\:motor_scooter:Motor Scooter
U+1F6F8🛸\:flying_saucer:Flying Saucer
U+1F6FA🛺\:auto_rickshaw:Auto Rickshaw
U+1F6FB🛻\:pickup_truck:Pickup Truck
U+1F6FC🛼\:roller_skate:Roller Skate
U+1F7E0🟠\:large_orange_circle:Large Orange Circle
U+1F7E1🟡\:large_yellow_circle:Large Yellow Circle
U+1F7E2🟢\:large_green_circle:Large Green Circle
U+1F7E3🟣\:large_purple_circle:Large Purple Circle
U+1F7E4🟤\:large_brown_circle:Large Brown Circle
U+1F7E5🟥\:large_red_square:Large Red Square
U+1F7E6🟦\:large_blue_square:Large Blue Square
U+1F7E7🟧\:large_orange_square:Large Orange Square
U+1F7E8🟨\:large_yellow_square:Large Yellow Square
U+1F7E9🟩\:large_green_square:Large Green Square
U+1F7EA🟪\:large_purple_square:Large Purple Square
U+1F7EB🟫\:large_brown_square:Large Brown Square
U+1F90C🤌\:pinched_fingers:Pinched Fingers
U+1F90D🤍\:white_heart:White Heart
U+1F90E🤎\:brown_heart:Brown Heart
U+1F90F🤏\:pinching_hand:Pinching Hand
U+1F910🤐\:zipper_mouth_face:Zipper-Mouth Face
U+1F911🤑\:money_mouth_face:Money-Mouth Face
U+1F912🤒\:face_with_thermometer:Face With Thermometer
U+1F913🤓\:nerd_face:Nerd Face
U+1F914🤔\:thinking_face:Thinking Face
U+1F915🤕\:face_with_head_bandage:Face With Head-Bandage
U+1F916🤖\:robot_face:Robot Face
U+1F917🤗\:hugging_face:Hugging Face
U+1F918🤘\:the_horns:Sign Of The Horns
U+1F919🤙\:call_me_hand:Call Me Hand
U+1F91A🤚\:raised_back_of_hand:Raised Back Of Hand
U+1F91B🤛\:left-facing_fist:Left-Facing Fist
U+1F91C🤜\:right-facing_fist:Right-Facing Fist
U+1F91E🤞\:crossed_fingers:Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed
U+1F91F🤟\:i_love_you_hand_sign:I Love You Hand Sign
U+1F920🤠\:face_with_cowboy_hat:Face With Cowboy Hat
U+1F921🤡\:clown_face:Clown Face
U+1F922🤢\:nauseated_face:Nauseated Face
U+1F923🤣\:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:Rolling On The Floor Laughing
U+1F924🤤\:drooling_face:Drooling Face
U+1F925🤥\:lying_face:Lying Face
U+1F926🤦\:face_palm:Face Palm
U+1F927🤧\:sneezing_face:Sneezing Face
U+1F928🤨\:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Face With One Eyebrow Raised
U+1F929🤩\:star-struck:Grinning Face With Star Eyes
U+1F92A🤪\:zany_face:Grinning Face With One Large And One Small Eye
U+1F92B🤫\:shushing_face:Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips
U+1F92C🤬\:face_with_symbols_on_mouth:Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth
U+1F92D🤭\:face_with_hand_over_mouth:Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes And Hand Covering Mouth
U+1F92E🤮\:face_vomiting:Face With Open Mouth Vomiting
U+1F92F🤯\:exploding_head:Shocked Face With Exploding Head
U+1F930🤰\:pregnant_woman:Pregnant Woman
U+1F932🤲\:palms_up_together:Palms Up Together
U+1F935🤵\:person_in_tuxedo:Man In Tuxedo
U+1F936🤶\:mrs_claus:Mother Christmas
U+1F938🤸\:person_doing_cartwheel:Person Doing Cartwheel
U+1F93D🤽\:water_polo:Water Polo
U+1F93F🤿\:diving_mask:Diving Mask
U+1F940🥀\:wilted_flower:Wilted Flower
U+1F941🥁\:drum_with_drumsticks:Drum With Drumsticks
U+1F942🥂\:clinking_glasses:Clinking Glasses
U+1F943🥃\:tumbler_glass:Tumbler Glass
U+1F945🥅\:goal_net:Goal Net
U+1F947🥇\:first_place_medal:First Place Medal
U+1F948🥈\:second_place_medal:Second Place Medal
U+1F949🥉\:third_place_medal:Third Place Medal
U+1F94A🥊\:boxing_glove:Boxing Glove
U+1F94B🥋\:martial_arts_uniform:Martial Arts Uniform
U+1F94C🥌\:curling_stone:Curling Stone
U+1F94D🥍\:lacrosse:Lacrosse Stick And Ball
U+1F94F🥏\:flying_disc:Flying Disc
U+1F956🥖\:baguette_bread:Baguette Bread
U+1F957🥗\:green_salad:Green Salad
U+1F958🥘\:shallow_pan_of_food:Shallow Pan Of Food
U+1F959🥙\:stuffed_flatbread:Stuffed Flatbread
U+1F95B🥛\:glass_of_milk:Glass Of Milk
U+1F960🥠\:fortune_cookie:Fortune Cookie
U+1F961🥡\:takeout_box:Takeout Box
U+1F963🥣\:bowl_with_spoon:Bowl With Spoon
U+1F964🥤\:cup_with_straw:Cup With Straw
U+1F969🥩\:cut_of_meat:Cut Of Meat
U+1F96B🥫\:canned_food:Canned Food
U+1F96C🥬\:leafy_green:Leafy Green
U+1F96E🥮\:moon_cake:Moon Cake
U+1F970🥰\:smiling_face_with_3_hearts:Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes And Three Hearts
U+1F971🥱\:yawning_face:Yawning Face
U+1F972🥲\:smiling_face_with_tear:Smiling Face With Tear
U+1F973🥳\:partying_face:Face With Party Horn And Party Hat
U+1F974🥴\:woozy_face:Face With Uneven Eyes And Wavy Mouth
U+1F975🥵\:hot_face:Overheated Face
U+1F976🥶\:cold_face:Freezing Face
U+1F978🥸\:disguised_face:Disguised Face
U+1F97A🥺\:pleading_face:Face With Pleading Eyes
U+1F97C🥼\:lab_coat:Lab Coat
U+1F97E🥾\:hiking_boot:Hiking Boot
U+1F97F🥿\:womans_flat_shoe:Flat Shoe
U+1F981🦁\:lion_face:Lion Face
U+1F984🦄\:unicorn_face:Unicorn Face
U+1F98A🦊\:fox_face:Fox Face
U+1F992🦒\:giraffe_face:Giraffe Face
U+1F993🦓\:zebra_face:Zebra Face
U+1F9AE🦮\:guide_dog:Guide Dog
U+1F9AF🦯\:probing_cane:Probing Cane
U+1F9BA🦺\:safety_vest:Safety Vest
U+1F9BB🦻\:ear_with_hearing_aid:Ear With Hearing Aid
U+1F9BC🦼\:motorized_wheelchair:Motorized Wheelchair
U+1F9BD🦽\:manual_wheelchair:Manual Wheelchair
U+1F9BE🦾\:mechanical_arm:Mechanical Arm
U+1F9BF🦿\:mechanical_leg:Mechanical Leg
U+1F9C0🧀\:cheese_wedge:Cheese Wedge
U+1F9C2🧂\:salt:Salt Shaker
U+1F9C3🧃\:beverage_box:Beverage Box
U+1F9C9🧉\:mate_drink:Mate Drink
U+1F9CA🧊\:ice_cube:Ice Cube
U+1F9CB🧋\:bubble_tea:Bubble Tea
U+1F9CD🧍\:standing_person:Standing Person
U+1F9CE🧎\:kneeling_person:Kneeling Person
U+1F9CF🧏\:deaf_person:Deaf Person
U+1F9D0🧐\:face_with_monocle:Face With Monocle
U+1F9D3🧓\:older_adult:Older Adult
U+1F9D4🧔\:bearded_person:Bearded Person
U+1F9D5🧕\:person_with_headscarf:Person With Headscarf
U+1F9D6🧖\:person_in_steamy_room:Person In Steamy Room
U+1F9D7🧗\:person_climbing:Person Climbing
U+1F9D8🧘\:person_in_lotus_position:Person In Lotus Position
U+1F9E1🧡\:orange_heart:Orange Heart
U+1F9E2🧢\:billed_cap:Billed Cap
U+1F9E7🧧\:red_envelope:Red Gift Envelope
U+1F9E9🧩\:jigsaw:Jigsaw Puzzle Piece
U+1F9EA🧪\:test_tube:Test Tube
U+1F9EB🧫\:petri_dish:Petri Dish
U+1F9EC🧬\:dna:Dna Double Helix
U+1F9EF🧯\:fire_extinguisher:Fire Extinguisher
U+1F9F4🧴\:lotion_bottle:Lotion Bottle
U+1F9F5🧵\:thread:Spool Of Thread
U+1F9F6🧶\:yarn:Ball Of Yarn
U+1F9F7🧷\:safety_pin:Safety Pin
U+1F9F8🧸\:teddy_bear:Teddy Bear
U+1F9FB🧻\:roll_of_paper:Roll Of Paper
U+1F9FC🧼\:soap:Bar Of Soap
U+1F9FF🧿\:nazar_amulet:Nazar Amulet
U+1FA70🩰\:ballet_shoes:Ballet Shoes
U+1FA71🩱\:one-piece_swimsuit:One-Piece Swimsuit
U+1FA74🩴\:thong_sandal:Thong Sandal
U+1FA78🩸\:drop_of_blood:Drop Of Blood
U+1FA79🩹\:adhesive_bandage:Adhesive Bandage
U+1FA84🪄\:magic_wand:Magic Wand
U+1FA86🪆\:nesting_dolls:Nesting Dolls
U+1FA90🪐\:ringed_planet:Ringed Planet
U+1FA94🪔\:diya_lamp:Diya Lamp
U+1FA96🪖\:military_helmet:Military Helmet
U+1FA98🪘\:long_drum:Long Drum
U+1FA9A🪚\:carpentry_saw:Carpentry Saw
U+1FAA1🪡\:sewing_needle:Sewing Needle
U+1FAA4🪤\:mouse_trap:Mouse Trap
U+1FAB4🪴\:potted_plant:Potted Plant
U+1FAC0🫀\:anatomical_heart:Anatomical Heart
U+1FAC2🫂\:people_hugging:People Hugging
U+1FAD1🫑\:bell_pepper:Bell Pepper