serialize(stream::IO, value)

Write an arbitrary value to a stream in an opaque format, such that it can be read back by deserialize. The read-back value will be as identical as possible to the original. In general, this process will not work if the reading and writing are done by different versions of Julia, or an instance of Julia with a different system image. Ptr values are serialized as all-zero bit patterns (NULL).

An 8-byte identifying header is written to the stream first. To avoid writing the header, construct a Serializer and use it as the first argument to serialize instead. See also Serialization.writeheader.


Read a value written by serialize. deserialize assumes the binary data read from stream is correct and has been serialized by a compatible implementation of serialize. It has been designed with simplicity and performance as a goal and does not validate the data read. Malformed data can result in process termination. The caller has to ensure the integrity and correctness of data read from stream.


Write an identifying header to the specified serializer. The header consists of 8 bytes as follows:

0tag byte (0x37)
1-2signature bytes "JL"
3protocol version
4bits 0-1: endianness: 0 = little, 1 = big
4bits 2-3: platform: 0 = 32-bit, 1 = 64-bit